Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ski Trip: People Watching

I did my share of people watching on a recent ski trip to Sugar Mountain near Boone, NC, with husband Walter. It was clear that, after a non-stop morning of skiing, my first run after lunch would be my last of the day. My legs were declining to participate.

So I traded ski boots for comfy shoes and retreated to the lodge’s deck to revel in the sun, blue skies, crisp fresh air and, of course, people watching. My people watching resulted in the images below. I am counting on the backlighting to obscure the subject’s identity.

Casting a snowman spell
The young snow artist above was oblivious to skiers and snowboarders coming and going around him. His entire body radiated his determination to stabilize the snowman he had created.

Success at last! Snow artist sets his toppled snowman upright.

The young artist adds finishing touches.

How many adults still have the childlike ability to submerge themselves totally in an activity that interests them? And will the little snow artist retain that ability once he begins texting and tweeting?


  1. Interesting photos! It's obvious that he's totally engrossed in that snowman!

  2. Too bad modern technology will soon take away some of this inventiveness and artistry. See what good shots you can get just by watching?? And on the plus side, no broken bones, maybe just a sore shutter finger.

  3. i would have been totaly submerged in watching the child that was so focused, just like you. when we sit on the beach we love to watch the focus of the children. once we watched a toddler try to fill a whole his dad had dug for him by moving water from the ocean by the bucket full. we had a blast watching, he would toddle back the 15 feet with water sloshing out of the bucket, dump about a cup full in the hole where the water just soaked into the sand. one of our best beach adventures, he must have filled that hole for half and hour.

  4. We can only hope. What a neat series of pictures.
    Love the idea of sitting comfortably on a porch and people watching. Nothing breaks doing that.