Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thank you, Lowe’s

My newest library
A recent discovery has reinforced my already excessive enjoyment of trips to Lowe’s home improvement center in Gautier, MS. A couple of visits ago I realized there was a bench right next to the selection of home improvement books. If a store has a book or magazine section, that is the spot husband Walter and I arrange to meet when our shopping is done.

With the record high temperatures that have arrived in our area, I have shortened my usual stroll through the abundant and well-maintained vegetable and landscaping plants that this particular Lowe’s has featured this year. One result is that I have spent more time on that bench. That air-conditioned spot is now one of my favorite libraries.

The selection of gardening books is especially tempting. While Walter heads off with a shopping cart, I’m happily immersed in sampling books that are potential gifts for some of my fellow novice gardeners or for my home library.

I just hope Lowe’s doesn’t install a “No Loitering” sign!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, we enjoy looking through those books at Lowes, too. LOL Ours hasn't installed a bench nearby though--we still have to stand and look!