Saturday, May 15, 2010

Grandma heaven

Walker Vincent Skupien
Posting is taking a back seat for a few more days. Walker Vincent Skupien is three days old today and on his way home from the hospital. His grandmothers have been on duty either at the hospital or with big sister Molly Kate or both. Molly Kate’s maternal grandmother Tracey Yarborough, also known as Mimi among her grandchildren, has been a trooper. She has given Molly Kate an emotional haven with a mini-vacation at the Yarborough home, interspersing big sister’s days with visits to the hospital and McDonald’s.

Big sister gets acquainted
I have had the privilege of soaking up all of the Walker cuddling I can get. I will be here in Louisiana for a while longer during these early days of daughter-in-law Katie’s recuperation from her Caesarian section. We grandmother’s are happy, tired and in grandmothers’ heaven. Walker’s closeup photo is thanks to one of the other many family members recording his arrival. For more visit Katie’s blog, The Daily Skup.

Katie and Jeremy with son Walker

My baby with his baby (Sorry Jeremy; couldn't resist!)

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  1. Love the pictures and especially your Baby with the new Baby. Precious memories.
    Enjoy your Grandma time. Not just enjoy but cherish.