Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pascagoula River Swamp transplant

What is my name?
The flower above is from plants my mother passed along to me more than a decade ago. Mother had found a patch of the striking burgundy and lime-green blossoms in the Pascagoula River Swamp and brought home a plant complete with stem and below-ground tubers. She stuck it into a flowerbed, and before long it had taken over the bed and spread into her yard.

White-edged alstroemeria

The flowers looked a lot like Alstroemeria, blooms I had seen in floral arrangements. The photo on the left is from a list of popular florist flowers pictured on The Flower Expert .  My swamp versions are more trumpet shaped than those from the florist, and they don’t last but a few days as cut flowers in contrast to about two weeks for the florists’ bouquets. A local botanist surmised my plant was likely an escapee from someone’s landscape. Whatever its origins, it continues to escape with colorful results.

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