Sunday, May 23, 2010

Grandmother bonuses

Katie's photo of six-day-old Walker
My stint as mommy’s helper with daughter-in-law Katie in Louisiana ended yesterday. Getting acquainted with new grandson Walker was pure joy. I also accumulated a long list of other happy bonuses during Walker’s first few days. Here are a few:

Changing diapers. Yes, I really mean it. I can’t imagine, for example, missing newborn Walker’s reaction to these necessary interruptions in his laidback but full routine of sleeping, eating, looking around, and exercising his plumbing. Laidback Walker disappeared when his diaper was removed. A kicking, screaming, tomato-faced dynamo showed up. By the time I left, the volume and energy of his protests were decreasing. Apparently he was beginning to realize that a clean diaper and comfy swaddling were on the way, even at Nana’s slow speed.

Musical stardom. Big sister Molly Kate demanded encores of songs I made up about everything from flying high in her swing to her consumption of green beans.

Mental gymnastics. Lazy brain cells got a workout when Molly Kate insisted on the same made-up songs we sang the day before. She remembers. I don’t. After a dozen attempts I usually hit a variation that earned the MK stamp of approval.

Family in action. My daughter-in-law’s extended family is an enormous network. Their heritage of love, hard work and commitment to family offers practical and emotional support to the family’s young parents, including Katie and our son Jeremy.

Molly Kate moments. At breakfast Saturday Walker, Molly Kate, parents Jeremy and Katie, and Nana and Baboo gathered at the table. MK announced with that characteristic Molly Kate sparkle of enthusiasm, “We are all Skupiens!”

Reunion with best friend. Husband Walter arrived Friday evening for a short visit with new grandson and family. Saturday we “vacationed” our way back to Ocean Springs with leisurely stops for lunch, cappuccino and hot tea -- a companionable end to a memorable week and a half.


  1. Your new grandson is quite a handsome fellow. I'm glad he's safely here.

  2. Thanks, Kathy! And, of course, I agree wholeheartedly on both counts!