Sunday, May 16, 2010

New baby, new world

Jeremy and Katie connect with the non-hospital world while a laid-back Walker snoozes.
Grandson Walker Vincent Skupien was about 30 hours old Thursday, May 13, when the scene above made me smile. My son Jeremy and his wife Katie are definitely part of a “connected” generation. Jeremy had finished up business with customers via iPhone and was texting friends and relatives who had sent congratulations. Katie, only 30 hours after a Caesarian section, was busy blogging, via wireless Internet, about Walker’s arrival. We had also downloaded onto my laptop the photos that she, Jeremy and relatives had taken with their digital cameras. She was editing the photos and posting them on her blog, again, all within 30 hours.

When Walker’s dad Jeremy was 30 hours old, the only communication media available in the hospital were an in-room telephone, visits, flowers and cards. There were no cell phones or wireless Internet for me. I was extremely sleepy and certainly not coherent enough to chronicle the birthing experience anyway. And we waited and waited and waited for our photos to be processed. I wouldn’t change “the good old days,” but I am certainly appreciating some of the benefits of modern technology.

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  1. Congratulations on the precious new Grandbaby.
    I love this shot and what it says about the new techy era.
    Looks like Walker is a real keeper.