Saturday, November 5, 2022

Traveling for Wedding Bells

Hubby and I hit the road in early September for the wedding of nephew Matthew and Katelyn, his bride-to-be. 

The rehearsal and wedding were outdoors in a beautiful rural area of northern Maryland on family property between Katelyn's childhood home and her grandparents' home.

Both homes were above a lovely green valley, just a small section of the property passed down and treasured by the family for generations. 

I was seated next to Katelyn's grandmother at the rehearsal supper and enjoyed her account of the family history entwined with their acres and acres of farmland and forest.

The wedding the next day was filled with music and scripture that honored God and celebrated His plan for the couple's commitment and loving treatment of each other.

It was also child friendly. The brothers of the bride ushered  Matthew's and Katelyn's parents to their seats.

Departure from tradition had each brother holding a tiny baby in one arm. Those infants were cooperative, snuggled and content with their daddies while their moms served as bridesmaids.

After the ceremony and before a wedding luncheon, we joined others taking advantage of chairs and benches set up beneath a large circle of old oak trees that provided shady comfort. 

There were even corn hole and other games set up for guests during the wait. 

Then surprise, surprise, a personal chauffeur appeared. Katelyn's grandfather showed up in one of those Gator rigs to transport me to the barn, location of the luncheon. 

He drove up a steep ramp and into the barn. I had been wanting to ride in one of those for ages, and it didn't disappoint.

Hubby appeared to help me ooze out of the Gator, and my brother led us to our seats.

If that barn had ever been used for farm animals, it had to have been decades ago. It was pristine. 

There were banquet tables with white table cloths, flowers, and greenery. Lovely strings of white lights and the aroma of pulled pork, brisket and sides competed for my attention as the bridal party and guests were welcomed.

After Matthew and Katelyn did the traditional dance, some of the groomsmen and bridesmaids followed with fancy dance moves and some impromptu moves that were hilarious.

The food was delicious and this old lady's taste buds demanded seconds. I could barely resist eating thirds and fourths. But people watching was also a treat, especially watching our little great nieces. 

The six- and five-year-olds were flower girls. The two younger ones had weeks earlier convinced their mother and grandmother that as wedding guests, they needed white dresses with blue sash and bow just like the flower girls. 

They had no responsibilities, but their pride in their "wedding dresses" was apparent as they and the flower girls twirled and danced while their parents enjoyed food and fellowship.

With the day's events and a full tummy, my stamina was spent. Hubby and I savored goodbye hugs. While my brother walked us to the exit, I tried to spot the wedding cake. 

I don't think there was one. I liked what I saw even better--a humongous tiered cupcake holder with huge, scrumptious looking cupcakes in lots of varieties

Yum! Perfect! Hubby's selection was one of the various golden versions. Mine was a spectacular chocolate creation. 

My brother helped us across the expanse between the barn and our van. 

I can't remember if an additional cupcake or two appeared after we were on the road. Maybe it was just the huge size of each cupcake. Or maybe my brother had sent us off with an extra dose of wedding joy. 

Whichever, the cupcakes sure distracted me from weepiness at saying goodbye to loved ones and leaving for the journey from northern Maryland to home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. 




  1. i can see the wedding in my mind, your description is as though I were there. perfect in every way. congrtulations to the bride and groom and to the extended family. I want to ridein a gator

  2. This sounds like quite the adventure, what fun!

  3. It sounds like a very special and beautiful event. I could picture it all, and loved your descriptions of the brothers of the bride ushering while holding a tiny baby in one arm, as well as your ride into the barn on the Gator rig. That was so cool.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day and will be long remembered.

  5. What a delightful wedding and chance to be with family. It sounds absolutely perfect. Yumm on the cupcakes. Our Granddaughter did that too at her wedding. Perfect all the way around.

  6. What an amazing wedding! Unique and one-of-a-kind! As weddings should be! It was lovely to read all about it and see it in my mind's eye as you painted the scenes with your words!

  7. So glad you had a wonderful time. I was in Southern Maryland for a family event that same weekend. So fun and the little ones made it just the best and the weather.