Thursday, November 24, 2022

A Home For Exercise

When we planned for our downsized home, we included a carport with a concrete ramp beside it up to the entry door. The ramp was also under the roof. 

It offers a great space for me to walk with my rollator down our concrete ramp, around the carport and back up the ramp to the entry door landing then back down and around again til I'm bored or tired. 

Another exercise that the ramp encourages has me leaving the rollator locked on the entry landing. I step to face the hand rail on the east side of the ramp and hold on with my right hand. I step to the side with my "good" foot, then bring my left foot next to the right foot. 

It sounds simple, but getting that stroke-affected left foot close to my right foot is a challenge. I repeat the process until the end of the hand rail. At that point I head back up, leading with my left foot, and bringing the right foot next to my left foot.  

That was one of the many challenging exercises that my physical therapist had me do when I was in the therapy "gym" after my 2011 hemorrhagic stroke. The difference is that holding on was a no no, but usually two or more therapists were grasping my gait belt then. 

Now, stepping solo, I feel no guilt in hanging on to that railing for dear life. Ramp and railing are just a few of the features that make us thankful for Kris Hines, our building contractor. 

He took our rough ideas and capitalized on the natural features of our property. The result is a down-sized home we cherish. He also fine-tuned features we wanted that help me maintain some degree of independence and mobility.

Earlier in his career his construction experience in anther state was with companies that focused on upscale housing developments. He was overseeing building entire new neighborhoods using the same few blueprints the company provided.

I'm nosy. I asked him why he left such a lucrative position.

He preferred working with folks who were looking for help to turn their ideas into the home they envisioned. 

He said his goal was to take advantage of the natural features of a property and build homes that meet the needs and dreams of the owners.

I think he was bored with cookie cutter houses. 

He was a thoughtful guide and champion throughout the construction process for our home. We needed a champion. 

There were some subcontractors in the building trades who, after receiving specifications seemed to view specifications as suggestions and they could just do whatever. 

Kris made sure things were done the way we planned. 

That was about six years ago, and this well-loved abode is showing some wear. Hubby had to repair the kitchen faucet recently, but our home is still giving pleasure. 

Today, cooler temps had us enjoying morning breakfast by the fire in our wood stove. 

Afterwards Hubby exited to our screened porch with his computer and with a sweatshirt on to enjoy the brisk 52-degree breeze.  

That may seem warm for some of you folks from the north or higher elevations, but that is cold for coastal Mississippi. 

It's not surprising this time of the year to have cold days here followed by days that call for air conditioning. 

A few days earlier, breakfast was in front of our wood stove with temperatures in the 40s. 

After breakfast, I wore my heavy jacket for a drive to our local coffee shop. Once inside ceiling fans and what felt like AC had me snugging my heavy jacket over my shoulders as I enjoyed hot tea and blogging.

With age I can usually tolerate cold weather a bit better than in my younger adult years. Back then October was when I took out thermal underwear to wear beneath slacks or jeans. Now I'm comfortable and happy in slacks unless it's freezing or near freezing and windy.

Praying that this day is filled with good weather and joyful moments for you.



  1. I've been offline for 3 days and I'm still not back but I wanted you to know that I read this and this guy sounds like a wonderful person that he would listen and do what you ask him to do there's not many people that do that anymore and that includes doctors! Glad you love your home and that you're doing good and still doing your exercises and that's an excellent way to go up and down that ramp. I know you had a good Thanksgiving Day and I'll be back soon I'm just laying around in bed because I injured myself playing with an iPhone too much poking of an iPhone has crippled my arm

  2. Your home sounds perfect for your needs and that you can have some independence too.
    We are in the warm Sacramento area and when it gets to be 45F or 50F we freeze too.
    I'm usually snuggled down in a blanket to watch tv at night. It really isn't that cold but to me it is.
    Happy Thanksgiving