Saturday, November 19, 2022

Smoky Mountains 9/25-10/2/22

After almost a week of dry weather, Day 7 of our camping in the Smoky Mountain National Park was wet, wet, wet!

It was also the day before heading home for us and our oldest son and family who had joined us for the last few days of our camping trip. 

Breakfast that rainy day was a delicious day-before-departure meal out of the rain at the Log Cabin Pancake House in Gatlinburg, Tenn. 

After our morning feast our son and family declined our invitation to join us for the traditional photo at the sign near the national park's entrance just outside of Gatlinburg.

They had a schedule of touristing activities planned but met us for an evening meal at Marco's Pizza, a family favorite that offered indoor seating out of the rain. 

Hubby and I had enjoyed five days and most of the sixth day of beautiful weather.

Even the wet day was full and happy for this grandma.

The afternoon that son and his wife and three youngest arrived, we made our traditional pilgrimage through Cade's Cove. At the Cove's entry, the grands climbed into the bed of their dad's truck.

They  had the coldest ride but also the best view of the mountains, scenery, wildlife, and a dramatic sunset in the Cove. 

Missing was our oldest grand. His class schedule kept him hard at work at college.

With age, some traditions have changed for us, but Hubby still rustled up tasty breakfasts for chowing down around a morning campfire at our Elkmont campsite. After breakfast the younger Skupien family headed out for hiking and touristing. 

Hubby and I enjoyed the campfire, a walk around the campground and a drive to explore.

As evening approached, everyone gathered back at our campsite and campfire. Young and old contributed to the evening meals through hands-on preparation plus keeping the fire, conversation and laughter going.  

Dessert involved toasting marshmallows over the fire for assembling s'mores, a required camping tradition.

The last morning our son and family headed out on their return trip to home, work and school. Hubby broke camp. These days my job is to stay out of the way!

  Our not-quite traditional farewell to the Smokies
with just us at the national park sign



  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time on your holiday. :)

  2. You are looking so good! Glad to hear it was such a success!

  3. We love the Smokies but I think it must have been a bit chilly camping there last week. It sounds like you had fun!

  4. Oh Linda, that's the best kind of memory making. I love that you could get together and enjoy God's beauty...rain and all.
    Love the photo of just you two..precious. I do hope you did get some photos of the grands et al...

  5. Sounds like a fun trip, and you look great. That's such a happy looking picture of the two of you. Love it.