Tuesday, August 2, 2022


Missing keys

Monday I had another senior moment. Hubby spends a lot of time enjoying the outdoors working out and about on our property or on our screened porch with his computer.

His recent strategy to make sure I can alert him if I need to is to leave the van keys with me. Pressing the red button starts the horn blowing.

It is extra loud and he can hear it wherever he is outside.That translates into my carrying his keys in my fanny pack. 

I had pulled them out of my fanny pack when I was rooting around for a pen to make a note while I was reading. 

I was stretched out comfortably on our window seat reading when Hubby burst through the door. 

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"Where am I going? Are you joking?"

He was.

While sitting on the porch, he had heard the van horn sound twice and then the motor started running.

"Where are the van keys," he asked

We rummaged around. I searched my fanny pack and all around the window sill where I usually stash items I want in easy reach. I felt around on the window seat. 

Hubby calmly suggested I look under me. 

There they were.

Oops!  My bad!

Somehow those keys had wound up under me. That pushed the button on the remote which triggered the van's starter, and that started the engine.

My butt on the button! Sigh. 

Old age is definitely not boring!




  1. That sounds like something I would do. You know I’m becoming quite talented with things like that.

  2. I have read a lot of stories that somewhat match the things I do that are not exactly 'normal' but ths is my first ever of a butt start of a car. I am still laughing. at first I thought someone was stealing your van. at least now you know if you push the button he will come running. it is a great idea... not sure bob could hear the horn though. and he is the one that needs the horn to blow not me. I will try to remeber this if it gets to the place he needs to summon me

  3. I just thought of something. the last five years of my mothers life she was bedridden, could not get up or go anywhere without assisantce. daddy was going crazy staying inside the house. I bought them a baby monitor. we put the monitor by her bed side, and daddy hooked the receiver on his belt, she could yell for him anytime she wanted and he could do yard work and putz around outside, or even in the other end of the house.

    1. Will have to alert Hubby to this idea, but pray we won't need the monitor. I do have young relatives who have had to care for bedridden parents who could have used that idea. Now I have that info to share as needed! retirement daze

  4. Oh my goodness...panic time for sure. Your dear sweet Hubby to the rescue... senior moments are coming too often for me. I washed my car key that's the same as you show. Thought I had gotten everything out of the pockets..NOT..they also went through the dryer and hours later as in 11:30PM the alarm started going off and we couldn't stop it..Poor neighbors...finally Dave dismantled it and fortunately found a new battery for the key. Yay it works ONLY when we want it to now.. Crazy times

  5. How funny! At least it did not drive away on its own!

  6. That is so funny. But what a good idea to use the key to be able to alert your hubby. I would never have thought of that.