Friday, July 22, 2022

Scatching the Travel Itch #1

Through the years U.S. 49 is the highway we traveled often from our coastal Mississippi town north to visit relatives in and around Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 

Mid-January 2022 Hubby pronounced that a day-trip north was on the agenda that would be different from our usual trip to visit relatives. 

"We'll do a little exploring," he said. "Just trust me." 

And different it was.

Pecan House

Our first stop was the Pecan House. Hubby knew I had always wanted to visit the rustic wooden cabin that housed that enterprise. I love pecans and was eager to sample its offerings.

The Pecan House exceeded my expectations. It was packed with a huge selection of both raw pecan halves and others toasted with a variety of flavored coatings. 

The owner had noticed my disability, and she asked if my condition left me with pain. We were soon engaged in a lengthy conversation that included her experience with natural remedies to alleviate the pain caused by her own health challenges.

She wrote down the address for her blog about natural remedies, but I misplaced it. ARG!! Searching for her blog about those remedies is on my to do list.

We left with sugar-free chocolate-covered pecan halves for me.  Hubby selected a more adventuresome choice that was tasty. Now neither of us can remember what the flavor was, maybe mango?

We did manage to refrain from gobbling them down as soon as we reached our van. They didn't last past Day 2, though. I guess we will just have to make another visit for more pecans.

At a gas station nearby on the opposite side of U.S. 49 there were three storage tanks that I assume contained fuel. I had wanted to photograph them for ages. Hubby crossed over to the gas station, got out and snapped a number of shots from different angles. The one below was my favorite.

Giant colas

Have you ever seen any tanks painted like those above?

We didn't see any creatures around large enough to be tempted by the giant-sized beverages.

We explored a number of side roads and made a couple more stops, but that's for another post. Got to get up now and move so I can keep moving. 



  1. What a great stop on your trip! Sorry you lost the blog address. What about writing a note to the Pecan House and tell them of your recent visit and that you lost the blog address? Hope you find it some way.....

  2. The giant cokes are so cool! I'm sorry you lost the blog address.

  3. Sounds like a delightful day. :)
    No, I've never seen giant colas.
    Sorry you lost the blog address. Linda's idea sounds like a good one.

  4. Oh wow! Sounds like a wonderful day.

  5. you could try looking up the pecan house on line and call there and ask, also probably can buy the pecans online. i love pecans, grew up with 3 giant trees in our yard. 1 one small pecans the other large ones. sounds like a fun trip. I love to talk to strangers like you did.. no, I have never seen anything like those big colas.

  6. I was wondering where you have been. Your day trip sounds delightful. What an awesome Hubby you have. Very creative. Pecans...yummm...

  7. That was a fun little trip. Pecans are my favorite nuts. I think I would have gone “nuts” in that little store! No, Ive never seen tanks painted like pop cans but I have seen tall tanks painted like beer cans, in LaCrosse Wisconsin in front of the brewery there.

  8. Interesting looking gas tanks.
    Hope you find the blog address. Maybe if you contact someone at the Pecan House they might know who the lady is that gave it to you?
    I love pecans. Would love to visit a place like the Pecan House. Sounds like a fun day trip.