Friday, August 26, 2022


Hubby and I are celebrating our 55th wedding anniversary today. 

We launched our low-key celebration with breakfast at our second favorite hang out, Coffee Fusion. 

Hubby had come prepared for a surprise. He had two of the baristas come out to our table with a huge banana cupcake on a plate. A flaming candle adorned the middle.

We quickly discarded the candle and then promptly dug in to the cupcake goodness.

Suddenly we remembered we should have taken a picture. But it was almost too late.

Undaunted, he poked the candle back in to a remaining hunk of anniversary goodness, whipped out his small box of matches and lit the candle. 

It was an impressive performance that had both of us laughing. 

Appetites derail presentation!

Once again, Hubby had created a memory of love and laughter that we will continue to enjoy for days to come.

After we made the last crumb disappear, I went to the counter to take a picture of the untouched cupcakes wrapped and displayed in a plastic case by the register. 

The barista offered to take one out so I get could get a better photograph. 

Helpful hands!

Those wonderful employees are just one more reason I love that coffee shop!

With both of us well past age 70, our downsized home for six years and four months takes first place among favorite hangouts. We are surrounded by abundant foliage, entertaining wildlife, and good neighbors.

Plus we are only about an eight-minute drive to Coffee Fusion, unless a train blocks our way for awhile.




  1. Happy Anniversary!!
    Happiness is enjoying those simple pleasures!!

  2. Happy Anniversary. Nice save on the cupcake. Sounds like you are in just the right spot with definitely the right person.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! and I LOVE LOVE the remains of the cake with burning candle. I love matches and this is pretty thrilling to me. you are blessed to have a hubby who carries matches and cares enough to do this for you and us.

  4. Happy 55th Anniversary! We will be celebrating our 55th this January. And your cupcake sounds like a perfect low key celebration - the kind we like too.

  5. Awww...Happy, Happy Anniversary !!!
    I love your celebration. It sounds like something Dave would do too.
    The size of that cupcake is I am drooling.
    Its wonderful that even after 55 years you still laugh together and keep that spark alive.
    I sure wish we lived closer..we would have a ball!

  6. Happy Anniversary. It is wonderful to see you making happy memories together.

  7. Congratulations, nice to have the cake in your favourite coffee shop.

  8. Belated Happy Anniversary!
    That is a huge cupcake, and your hubby did a nice save for the picture.

  9. Haha. A funny memory of the cake to treasure for your 55th anniversary. Congratulations!!

  10. Belated Happy Anniversary wishes!