Sunday, August 21, 2022

Scratching the Travel Itch #2

January 2022, Hubby had already planned some major trips for September and October. But his itch to travel had us going on day trips.

"We won't go farther than Wiggins," he said as we headed out. 

Wiggins is a small town just an hour or so north of the Gulf of Mexico coast.

We headed north on a backroads route that we used to travel when we first moved to the coast long before the interstate.

I recognized a number of landmarks that were still standing--a church that was still in use. Another church had grown and included a large addition. 

A number of the old farmhouses and brick ranch-style houses were still in use and in great condition. A few houses, a gas station and a couple of small grocery stores were abandoned, decaying and disappearing among vines and trees.

The rural character of that road may soon vanish, too. We passed a new development of homes jammed close together and all built to the same couple of plans with only a few cosmetic differences. The reality is that with population growth, people have to live somewhere. 


We made a turn west at a familiar intersection. A spacious brick home still sat far back from the road. The large field adjacent to it still looked the same as I remembered. But the field was no longer occupied by a dozen or so goats and periodically new babies, or should that be "kids"? 

I sure do miss the antics of those little ones.

When we hit U.S. 49, it was north to a lovely coffee shop we had discovered April 23, 2021, in Wiggins.

That coffee shop is a bright spot in a once thriving downtown area. 

Meeting and visiting with owner Jane Ann Maddox had been a delightful experience. She is retired from her career of teaching physics at the nearby Perkinston campus of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

She and husband Scott offer a welcoming spot for locals and visitors interested in great coffees, teas, and pastries, or shopping for art and crafts by local artists and art students at the community college. 

Coffee Shop Owner Jane Ann Maddox

Scott also conducts lessons in the demanding woodturning craft. Jane Ann was absent on the day of our January visit, but evidences of her character and creativity were still evident. 

The coffee shop occupies a portion of a huge old building just off the town's main street.

Soaring ceilings are the original wood, restored  to a beautiful finish as are the original brick walls. 

A large picture window allows a view of Scott working in his wood turning studio Southern Turnings. Sound-proofing shuts out the din of the woodworking machinery.

Bowls and other useful items that he creates highlight the varieties and histories of wood he salvages from various species of downed trees. He has a gift for unlocking unexpected beauty.

We enjoyed drinks--hot chamomile tea for me and a vanilla latte for Hubby. And we still had plenty of daylight to continue scratching Hubby's travel itch.



  1. so happy you were able to get out and scratch that itch while having a fun drive. sounds like a nice place to visit, wiggins and the tea/coffee place

  2. Sounds like a lovely time out. So nice traveling on back roads!!

  3. Oh Linda, I do so have that same itch...our car is on its last leg so we don't travel very far any more. Its makes me sad. Dave and I have
    deeply engrained wanderlust. You are wonderful in your descriptions. I can picture that delightful coffee (and tea) place.
    Would love to see photos of the decaying buildings with the over grown plants. They are one of my favorite things to photograph.
    Glad to see a new post.

  4. This sounds like a wonderful drive. Seeing some of those past places can be so enjoyable.