Thursday, May 14, 2020

Walking Songs #2--Acoustics

We are going on our fourth year in our downsized home.  

I love our acid-stained concrete floors. When we were planning our home, we knew the concrete floors and high ceilings would magnify sound. 

We proceeded anyway. 

We also knew that carpet or area rugs for sound aborption weren't an option with my walking challenges. 

We proceeded anyway.

Likewise we chose to limit window treatments, which also absorb sound, to our two bedrooms. We just liked letting the natural outside in through unobstructed views.

Friends and family suggested various sound absorption installations on the high wall that reaches up unadorned to our cathedral ceiling. 

But we had found the unbroken expanse soothing.

So we proceeded without changes anyway.

No surprise that the sound of my "walking hymns"  was magnified when I exercised with my rollator inside. 

I proceeded anyway.

I wasn't entirely heartless, though. When Hubby was inside, I did my joyful noise softly or silently in my head. 

He eventually developed a stealth strategy. He would get a cup of coffee and head outside with his laptop to one of our two porches. 

At first I was so focused on making sure I didn't drag my left foot and topple me and the rollator that I wouldn't even realize he was no longer inside.

Eventually I wised up. Now I check on his location. As I walk I can see him out there with his computer, a book or enjoying a snooze. He has the ceiling fan on in warm weather or is bundled in a blanket in cold weather. 

Seeing him on the porch is my go-ahead signal to unleash enthusiastic noise-making full blast.

I am thankful for Hubby's determination that nothing will discourage my efforts to maintain mobility. 

For now, that also means leaving the interior of our main living area as is, regardless of the acoustics. 

We continue to enjoy our "big room." It serves for food prep, dining, living well, and hanging out on window seats with our computers or watching birds and other wildlife. 

Right now weather is great for walking, so making my joyful noise outside is usually an option.

And since our home is nestled on 1.5 acres of wooded property, our neighbors' ears are safe, too!



  1. You have both found great ways to cope and enjoy. I haven't gotten the courage yet to take my joyful noise outside.

  2. I have never heard of acid stained concrete, and am wondering what it looks like. Your home sounds like one of those big fancy artist's lofts! With plenty of room and light.

    1. Not fancy and not big! We first saw it used for the floors in a relative's new home more than a decade ago and more recent years in various businesses including our favorite coffee shop. Will try to get a decent photo and share . . . eventually!

  3. all the way through this marvelous tale of endurance of you and your hubby and your preserverance to make yourself move, I thought about neighbors. now i know you are all safe... i can't tell you how many times i have said in our TOPS meetings, you can excercise, with a walker, a wheel chair, on a sofa or a dining room chair and that music will make it fun... I am living proof as are you that excercise works and music makes it fun

    1. Yes, indeed! When my mother moved into assisted living, she wanted me to go to "chair aerobics with her. this was before my stroke and was an active 60-year-old. Each time I went I left the session whipped! My mother just kept being an energizer bunny!

  4. Good for you !!! Keeping on..keeping on and being creative doing it. Your home sounds wonderful and I'm glad you went ahead and did what was pleasing to you and not the others who don't live in your space.
    So, continue to Shout to the Lord and Praise Him with everything that is in you.

  5. That sounds wonderful. I am glad you can sing to keep your spirits up while walking.I would love to see some pictures of your house and yard..It sounds pretty.

    1. You would think in this virus down-time that we would be grooming our yard and tackling other projects. But no. Being out of the routine of our weekly activities has seemed to drain energy. Hubby has been better about getting some things done than I have. I have succeeded in mostly avoiding my to-do list.

  6. I admire your determination...I am glad you have room to sing outside as well as inside.

  7. I love the way you describe your place. It sounds beautiful and perfect for you. My friend, Rosey has concrete floors with that acid wash stain and they are beautiful. I would love to have them but I don't. My sister, Nita, has them in one room of her house!
    Thank you for all your kind comments on my blog. I love it when you visit me!