Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Keep Going

As Hubby and I have aged our motto has become "Go as far as we can for as long as we can." 

Walking our community's beach walk or our neighboring city's fishing pier is one way Hubby and I keep moving amid the shutdown and stay-at-home recommendations.

Weather challenges our "going" plans.

As we drove across the bridge on our way to the fising pier, dark clouds had me questioning whether we should return home.  

Hubby reminded me, "Let's go as far as we can for as long as we can." 

So we did. 

The dark clouds stayed on the other side of the bridge we had just traveled. 

We enjoyed the sea breeze, sunshine, our walk and the view.

May you keep going and experience joyful moments.



  1. that is what we do also.. it is theonly answer to aging

  2. That really was a bit threatening and I admire your determination.

  3. That's the perfect saying...yes we have to just keep going. Sometimes more slowly than others but forward is the word of the day.
    Wow, those are some storm clouds brewing across the bridge. Did they eventually "dump" on you?
    It's going to be a hot one today..weather says 100F. or higher. Thank goodness for no humidity though. It does make it more tolerable.
    Have a good day Linda
    Love you

    1. We expected rain on our return, but as is often the case here, the dark clouds moved northeast of us. Hope you are careful in that heat!

  4. How wonderful that you have a place like this to go!

  5. I really like those words. Go as long as you can for as far as you can. The sky looks ominous , yet beautiful .

  6. I love y'all's attitude! That's what we do, too!

  7. Oh, a sky like that calls to me. Joyful moments...that is what we have. Some moments not so good, but seems like Joy always comes.

    1. It is a decision! It is so good to know that you purposefully savor those joyful moments!

  8. That's what I do too.
    Looks like you have a lovely place to go to for your walks. I miss the ocean.