Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Staying Sane in a COVID-19 World

Staying sane in the COVID-19 world requires a bit of creativity. 

We are fortunate that our home and property offer soothing and interesting varieties of Mother Nature's handiwork. Sometimes, though, I just want to GO. And Hubby's itch to go is off the charts compared to mine.

I satisfy my itch to go with occasional Sunday drives with Hubby or accompanying him on runs to Walmart for fresh produce and whatever else we have on the want-to-buy list. 

I am in that group of elders labeled "at-risk," so we are extra careful. I wait in the van. He shops. My Kindle or iPad Mini keep me company. If he is a little longer than my attention span for reading, people watching offers a break.  

Pre-virus we had scheduled a departure date of April 29 for a driving trip out west. That date is long gone, and my love's patience has been wearing thin. 

Although his sense of humor is alive and well, he is occasionally emitting growls at the actions of the invisible virus and the limitations instituted as a result.

I'm not sure if the pix below is an example of staying sane or going looney. Hubby called me into the bathroom to share his re-creation of a meme that had made him laugh. 

That was during the week when toilet paper was flying off the shelves, and there were even reports of tussles over packs of toilet paper. 

Hubby's handiwork gave me a laugh. Of course I had to have a record of his efforts: 

Best wishes to all. Stay safe and stay sane.



  1. Your husband has a very good sense of humor and that is a blessing, especially during this time.

  2. That is a hoot. Always good to share a good laugh. It smooths the rough edges of these times.

  3. tooooooooo funny. love that smiling face, cigar smoking TP.. hilarious.... we don't go out in our old normal, so this is easier on us than most

  4. This is SO cool! He is so creative!! It would be so much harder to get through this without a sense of humor. I have been too scared to go to Wal Mart, several of the workers there got Covid.

  5. That is pretty funny. At times like this, it is important to keep a sense of humor.

  6. Love the sense of humor..We have to keep that intact for our own sanity.
    Both Dave and I are getting antsy to just "GO". We don't care just go where we want to go and do what we would like to do.
    Instead, we are behaving and doing all the proper things. We do get out and go to Walmart etc, the bank on occasion, and a curb side pick up restaurant now and then.
    Sure do miss "going to church" but grateful for on line services and Zoom calls with our family.

  7. Oh, my, if Roger was not in such a hurry sometimes when he goes to the potty, I would have to do that face for him. That is funny. I have been for two drives that was for the sake of a drive since this all started, and could sure use another one...