Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Taking Action in Trying Times

Sister-in-law Lila with masks in progress (Photo by Hubby)

As the coronavirus swept into the news and the USA , sister-in-law Lila started creating masks for a local group of physical therapists who encountered difficulties finding the needed masks.

The head of the group associated with a local hospital contacted Lila, well-known for her sewing and tailoring business. So far she has turned out more than 50 masks for them that are remarkable in comfort and for allowing users to insert more filtration as they deem needed.

She has used material she already had on hand and declined payment the hospital offered. She said using her skills and materials was her way of contributing during this challenging time.

She is already filling other orders, including one for six masks from our eldest son. Typical of Lila, she often personalizes her stitchery creations. 

Our son and daughter-in-law are Mississippi State University alums. The Mississippi State mask, right behind the pink with yellow polka dots, is part of his order. She showed me the pink lining on the Mississippi State mask she made for our DIL Sarah. "I'm making one for Walt with a blue lining. "I didn't think he would appreciate a pink lining," she said with a laugh.

It seems our every acquaintance with sewing experience is making masks, some for family, some for our church's efforts to help our town's homeless.

What a wonderful way to put feet to prayers and lift the givers, the receivers and observers like me above the dismay into joy.  



  1. The masks are beautiful. What a good idea.

  2. That is wonderful. We just bought some masks for ourselves and family. We have all taken on a whole new look and it is called Safety Fashion.

    1. Like that terminology, "Safety Fashion"!

  3. We all salute our front line heroes but those like your SIL who selflessly support them need a standing ovation also. Kudos.

  4. God bless her for doing this for the hospital. this is such a happy post.. good things going on and not the bad parts... I shopped today for food with a mask which is the first time in my life. every senior shopper during Walmart shopping hour, had on a mask. it was a sight to see

  5. Wonderful! I have heard of several ladies around here who are also making masks.

  6. What a wonderful ministry.
    Several of my friends with sewing skills are cranking out the masks for hospitals and first responders.
    We all wear masks when grocery shopping here too.
    It sure is a strange time.
    Praying for you that you stay well and safe.

  7. I need to get busy and make some more...looks like we are all going to need them. I see people driving with them even.