Thursday, April 30, 2020

Keeping Sane--Or Not #1

A couple of snapshots taken during recent escapes from our house for a sanity-promoting drive:

Handicap humor--I have seen this vehicle a number of times. I'm not am not acquainted with the driver, but  kudos to him or her.

Fog enshrouded shrimp boats and pleasure craft, but no alligators in sight


  1. Loved the signs! Those escape rides keep us sane, or close to it.

  2. Those signs were good for a giggle. Best medicine for these times.

  3. Escape can be a wonderful thing! I think we are musch easier to amuse these days.....Amber is about to bring dinner from Chili's and you would not believe how excited I am about that!!

  4. Interesting signs. Of course around here we don’t need to worry about alligators.