Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Sign of the Times

Evidence of the disappearing printed page.

On a 20-day October 2019 trip, I was momentarily transfixed when visiting a Walmart's book section. No books; just clothes and other items. Sigh.

After  my 2011 stroke a friend introduced me to Kindle. The challenge of holding a book, keeping my place and turning pages with one operable hand was no more. 

I was sold. Ever since then my reading has been mostly on digital devices. Yesterday evening, though, I decided to reread one of my "real" books that somehow survived my downsizing for the move to a smaller home. 

About 20 pages into a novel I had enjoyed pre-stroke, I was totally engrossed. I finally realized, though, that I was repeatedly attempting to turn the page by swiping! 

I momentarily mourned the change in my reading habits. But as usual when I am reading a good book and get interrupted, the story pulled me back into the fictional world a gifted author had created. 

Life is good!



  1. I find reading on my Kindle so much easier and I don’t have any downturned pages. However, a good story is a good story no matter how you read it.

  2. I am so tuned into my Kindle that I no longer will even pick up a real book to read. Adjustable font, light weight and never losing my place are just too hard for me to give up even temporarily. I know, I am spoiled.

  3. Forgot to mention, being able to carry over 400 books in one hand is pretty empowering also.

  4. there is nothing I rather do than read, that world you mentioned sucks me in and I am there, feeling and seeing and hearing the world I am in. I even prefer it over movies.. my kindle is all i use, and now my hands are so bad i have to sit it on a pillow and tap to go to the enxt page. i love it. I had to have large print books about 10 years ago and those books are heavy... that is sad to see the clothing in the books.. and i think in the near future evne that will not be there.. online shopping is taking over

  5. i am one who is so thankful for digital reading. It is pretty much all I do. I find it so much easier.

  6. Reading is a big part of my days too. And I do use a Kindle on occasion.... but I have to admit that when it comes to reading, I still love to hold a real book in my hand... don’t know why. I would really miss bookstores and even the smell of old books. But I do understand the advantages of the kindle.

  7. Wow! Even though my first choice is books on tape, or my Kindle, that is so sad to see.