Thursday, January 16, 2020

Hot Tea Month

Hubby and I entered our favorite coffee shop and moved to greet some of our fellow "regulars." 

Then he helped me settle in at a table. This visit was a to be a computer day. 

The agenda for him was coffee and reacquainting himself with his laptop fresh from the local Broken Gadget repair shop. My agenda was chamomile tea and blogging. We both opened our computers.

"January is Hot Tea Month in the United States and Canada," he announced, staring at the notification on his computer screen. He is well aware of my I enjoyment of hot-tea. 

A bit of internet searching revealed Hot Tea Day, January 12. I mostly drink chamomile hot tea now, but I am still a fan of the "real," caffeinated variety that the Hot Tea Month is celebrating. 

I have yet to satisfy my curiosity about what tea trade association or tea company developed and launched the January hot tea marketing campaign. 

Internet searching turned up a bunch of tea industry organizations and articles with tips on how to celebrate hot tea month. But I was unsuccessful in identifying who exactly was behind the campaign.

Some national day and month observances are humorous; some historical, some noteworthy; some obviously a commercial gambit. 

Even some of those that are aimed at opening my wallet are interesting. But I am mostly oblivious to the ever-proliferating national day and month observances. 

When someone pointed out National S'Mores Day though, it did make me crave the gooey goodness of a s'more consumed beside a campfire. 

Any national day or week observances light your fire?



  1. I wish there was some kind of e-mail subscription that alerts us to all of them! That would be fun.

  2. Every day is a day to celebrate and everyday you can find an industry or industries who use a day to promote their product. Right now, I am enjoying a cup of Bigalow’s Cranberry Harvest (caffeine free) tea. It works well for me getting a good 6 hour sleep at night. Happy Tea Day.

  3. I don't really follow these observances, but if I did, anything with chocolate would be on my list.

  4. I don't pay much attention, but just looked and today is National Nothing Day....thank you for getting me to look this up.

  5. I pay no attention to the natl days at all, until someone mentions one like you did, but then I read and go on with life. I think all of them were made up to make dollars for someone. I think there is an email to remind people.. I think it is fun that you and hubby go to the café with your laptops. something to do that is out of the house. bob doesnt' do computers, in fact we have nothing we do together, other than once a week eat lunch out.. we need a get out and do something day. ha ha… I might do a natl coffee day...

  6. Ok, you made me look. Today is National Bootleggers Day or if you prefer, Hot Buttered Rum Day. Some days are really popular and have many sponsors. Tomorrow has 5 to choose from. Hum. I wonder who approves these or can I just declare my own National Patti Day?

  7. Dear LC, this is all news to me! I'm still back in the dark ages of days simply being days that are marching toward the end of the year. But if I were to celebrate this day--or any for that matter--I would celebrate it as "National Live-in-the-Present." That's where I try to stay. Peace.

  8. Yup, I saw that this was National Nothing Day...that works for me....
    I do love some tea in the evening but I guess I'm addicted to my morning coffee.
    I guess I just need to "jump-start" my day.
    Dave and i each have our own place at home for our computers, He on the desk top and me on my laptop.
    Works for us.
    We try to get out together at least a few days a week together to have a meal or just browse someplace.
    Getting ready to help with Celebrate Recovery dinner tonight. Never a dull moment.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  9. DH loves it when it's National PIE day!

  10. I just celebrated National Bagel Day. I'm sure it's a whole lot of assorted trade associations, but I do think they're fun to write about. Next week is Shelfie Selfie and the goal is to do a selfie with a shelf of books. You'll probably be seeing that in Buttercupland.