Friday, January 10, 2020

Where Are My Readers?

A Sticky Problem Solver

Nobody told me I would still be making adjustments two years after my 2017 cataract surgery.  

Nothing big, just irritating. I had worn glasses since the fifth grade. My nearsightedness worsened through the years, but at age 70 I could still see close up. Of course I had to take my glasses off to read or see anything else close up.

 That all changed with cataract surgery. 

Now I have to have readers of one strength for reading and a different strength for my laptop computer.

And therein lies the aggravation. I have several pair for reading, two for the purses I use most often and one for the fanny pack I often wear at home. That had been working okay.

But when I would take a break from the laptop, I was automatically carrying that pair of glasses with me and setting them down someplace where I would be sure to find them. Ha! I don't think such a place exists in our home.

Whether a few minutes, hours or days later that I next used the laptop, I had to search with mounting frustration. And, of course, if we packed up the computers for use anywhere beyond our own home, I would forget to take those glasses. 

Finally an idea surfaced: use Velcro to attach an eyeglass case to the computer. And it would have to be easy to use with one hand. Walmart supplied the case. Hubby wrangled the Velcro into place. I did the test drive. 

Now my laptop eyeglasses are automatically right where I can grab them before I even open my laptop.

Frustration banished!



  1. super duper idea.. bob leaves readers all over the house and most times there are 4 in one place. I wear tri-focals, so no need for several pair. they go on my face when I get out of bed and off when I go to bed.. I have needed trifocals since my first pair of glasses back in the 90's. the thing is they don't work well in Walmart. I have to stand on opposite side of the aisle to see the cans and jars

  2. Well done. I have a similar problem and I bought standing eye glass caddies for each station. One for computer, one for reading in bed and one for the TV. We do what we must when changes hit us. I just have to remember not to get in the car with my TV classes still on.

  3. What a great idea! I have computer glasses, too. Because of my cataract surgery. I may try this. How did you attach the velcro to the computer?

  4. Sandra, by the time I hit my 50s, my eye prescription changed and I went with progressive lenses. Effective for distance and computer but I still had to take my glasses off to see to read books, newspapers, etc. Post-cataract surgery, I am still adapting to the loss of close-up vision.

    Arkansas Patti, I can sympathize, but I don't get more than a step away from my computer or my reading material when I realize I still have the eyeglasses on. The difference the glasses make when I walk affects my balance. Off they come.

  5. Ginny, with adhesive backed on the rough (hook?) side to stick to computer and adhesive backed loop side attached to glass case. The Velcro also came from Walmart. Hubby cut strips off the (about 2x3?) rectangles. We could have used the whole rectangles but figured if I ever needed to remove the glass case for any reason, smaller strips would be easier for me to do one-handed. Hope this helps.

  6. I also had my cataract surgery in 1917. Since I never wore glasses until I had old eyes in my late 40's or 50's, I only used glasses for close-up before surgery. The eye surgeon asked me did I want to see better up close or far? I said it didn't matter, but since I knew I couldn't see well up close, I decided on seeing better up close. Now I wear progressive lens which allow me to see both near and far... but I can read without the glasses too.

  7. That sounds like a great idea. I have glasses on at all times, so I don't have a problem losing them, but trust me, there are enough other things that have been swallowed up in that perfect place. Maybe some day I'll find some of them.

  8. Perfect solution and right in front of you as a reminder.
    I love how such simple things can be so BIG in helping us move through our day.
    My old eyes have progressives too.
    On when I get up in the morning and off when I go to bed.
    Sometimes I even forget I have them on...until the smudges get in the way....
    Have a great day...
    Feeling better today, I think I am going to Live...Colds are awful.

  9. Ah if only it were so easy for me. I wear several glasses at onetime and that after the lens implants long iPad allows me to enlarge and I sort of manage to read and typ

  10. That is a great idea! I started wearing bifocals simply because I was always laying reading glasses and having to hunt for them. So I wear them all the time...I know this would not work for you. I am just saying I understand the frustration.

  11. Outstanding. I still use readers for everything indoors and I have pairs all over the house. I am always looking for the last pair I had on.