Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Wednesday Blessings

I am lying flat on my back in a Dynasplint contraption that stretches my left shoulder. It's a bit uncomfortable but offers a wonderful 20 minutes for reflecting on right-this-minute blessings.

Blessing No. 1: Right now I am enjoying our third day straight of gorgeous blue, blue skies. I can see sky, tree tops and the occasional squirrel and bird as I lie on our window seat with windows to my right and at my feet.

Oops! There goes my timer. I am writing the rest of this post on my laptop.

Here's the rest of my right-this-minute blessings:

Blessing No. 2: The window seats in our downsized house that connect me to God's beautiful world when weather or therapy exercises keep me inside.

Now I am cheating a bit, but I have to add a few more.

Blessing No. 3: An occupational rehab therapist who worked tirelessly in those early months after my 2011 hemorrhagic stroke to secure the Dynasplint and other devices to help me unlock my affected left side.  

Blessing No. 4: A husband who is patient and diligent in helping me get into position on the "bed" of the Dynasplint.

He then straps my left arm into a sturdy sleeve. It is attached to the mechanism calibrated to pull my arm back and stretch that affected shoulder.

Blessing No. 5: A right hand that still works. Flat on my back I could still hold my iPad mini and type with my thumb. 

At the end of 20 minutes I had the first paragraph written and had started on the second.  

The above were not my only blessings, but I have limited them to what I was thinking in my 20-minutes with one exception, Blessing No. 6: Getting out of the Dynasplint and switching to my laptop.

That was an interesting experiment but I think I will stick with my usual activities when in that device. Some days it's praying through my list of friends, family and specific requests I have received. Other days I read books on my iPad mini or just watch the world through those windows.  



  1. It is such a blessing to be so aware of what we have, and be so thankful.

  2. I think we would all do well to count our blessings.

    Do you ever use text to speech? I know two or three people that do, but I never have tried of these days I will get brave and try it....

  3. I mean speech to text...I don't know why I say opposite of what I mean. My brother talks his text messages to me.

  4. Sounds to me like you are making the best of this situation. It's fun to try new things, even with limited ability for a time.

  5. Such a wonderful use of your “down time”, counting blessings. I just this morning read some study that people who made a point of counting their blessings every day were statistically happier than those who don’t. Good luck with your rehab activities.

  6. You always amaze me when you either find humor or usefulness in what most of us might consider an aggravation. So glad you do have this device that will help and that you have the determination to use it and put your down time to positive use.Kudos.

  7. I think you have a wonderful attitude about things, LC. And how we look at things or handle them makes a world of difference. Good luck with your rehab! Sounds like you are doing fine.

  8. I love your exercise while doing exercise.
    Counting blessings is a wonderful way to go through your day.
    Our day today is gray and damp but I do count my blessings of having a warm, cozy home and a loving husband too.