Saturday, January 4, 2020

A Family Affair

South Mississippi Ballet Theatre (SMBT) was responsible for the Nutcracker production we attended December 14. It is our granddaughters’ ballet home.

Their mom is also a ballet instructor there after her day of teaching physics at our three oldest grands’ high school. I marvel at the range of her teaching expertise. 

Our “Nutcracker” family in character for the party scene

From left are daughter-in-law Sarah, grandsons Nate and Luke, ballerina granddaughters Stella and Charlie, and son Walt.

With the participation of our son and grandsons as “dads” in the party scene, the whole family was involved. 

It was no small commitment: Multiple rehearsals and six performances, three at an out-of-town venue. And that was while continuing daytime responsibilities of jobs and school. 

The guys also had to engage in ballroom dancing with their assigned partners, moms of the ballet students.

As grandparents we were appropriately impressed by the matinee performance in Mannoni Theatre at the University of Southern Mississippi, Hubby’s alma mater. 

Having observed the granddaughters’ in Nutcracker productions by other studios, even my untrained eye could see that this one was at an entirely different level.

And yes, I am a proud Nana.



  1. I am totally impressed with your family, not only beautiful but talented and dedicated. I don't know how she teaches at school and ballet and gets the family to the practices. amazing! I love the costumes and I know Nana is bursting with love and pride …..

  2. That is a woman who can do it all. You have every right to be proud of your family. They are looking good too.

  3. So much talent and dedication! Wish I could have seen it, you must be so proud of them.

  4. And proud you should be.
    What a family event...those young men will be glad they participated and the expertise gained. Good for everyone.

  5. I don't know how parents do all they do and work, too. I would be a proud grandma, too. It is wonderful that so many are involved in the production!

  6. It's good to see family come together for such a performance.

  7. Wow, you have a very talented family, and how wonderful that so many of them were in the production. It's almost like a family affair. I would be very proud too.