Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Footwear Woes

What is wrong with this picture other than the fact that the shoes are well worn and in dire need of a clean up?

Answer below:

Both shoes are for the left foot.

They are from two pairs of old, old New Balance athletic shoes that look almost identical. I grabbed the two from my closet and started my one-handed process for getting them on and tied. 

But something looked and felt wrong. Duh!

I bought these after my 2011 stroke. They fulfilled strict specifications my physical therapist from neuro rehab gave me. 

Both pair have served me well. But now it is time to shop for new walking shoes that, like my old ones I can put on with one hand! 



  1. I hope you have fun shopping, and can find a pair you love and that ore comfy!

  2. I just showed this to bob and he reminded me that when I was working, about 15 years ago, I called him and had him bring me a shoe because I had on the same shoe, one blue one black. i assume you will be looking for Velcro shoes? i don't know how you can tie shoe strings with one hand... i always hate it when a favorite comfy shoe and get new ones

  3. At least you didn't get far like that. Sandra's idea for velcro sounds like a good idea.

  4. I am sure you should be able to find good support shoes that you don't need to tie.

  5. Oh wow, That doesn't feel too good.
    Good luck finding just the right new shoes that are easy to put on and give you the support you need.
    Funny photo..thanks for sharing your everyday "problems".

  6. Blogger is doing it to me again...I don't think I ever miss a day checking your blog, or if I do it is rare. For sure not two days in a row, yet this did not show up...it might have been here last night and me not notice...I would love to know why it does this. I forget who I used to visit that it happened pretty often.

    Anyway, I hope you have good luck finding the shoes you want. I love shoes, but dread shoe shopping, because I cannot wear just anything I want any more.