Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Rollator Named

Thanks to all who posted potential names for my rollator. I got a kick out of the names and comments.

Suggested names:

Addy, short for Adventures, from Mad Snapper

Maggie and Abby, also from Mad Snapper

Rolly the Rascal from Great Granny Grandma

A "like" for Rascal from Photowannabe 

I went with how dog breeders name those pedigreed pooches—long names shortened in everyday usage. 

So "Rolly the Rascal" is the long version. "Rascal" is for when I am encouraging it to get me across less than smooth surfaces, or I'm grumbling about its independent actions.

Rascal has slightly bigger wheels than most rollators and it works better on surfaces we encounter camping or walking in local parks. 

The width does present a challenge when we visit homes or businesses with doors that are not as wide as those in our house that was built to accommodate wider rollators and wheelchairs.

Mad Snapper's recommendation of Addy, short for “Adventures,” suggests a compliant rollator perfect for indoor adventures. And that is a good name for a more narrow rollator I plan to add to my “helpers” soon.

Thanks to you my rollators present and future are named! 

Maggie and Abby were already taken among our acquaintances. Our pastor's daughter is Maggie and a granddaughter's friend is Abby.

A final paragraph in this post just disappeared and the go-back arrow didn't make it reappear. Blogger is also doing some other weird things. Posting anyway. 

From the Blue Ridge Parkway visitor center in the background to our van, Rascal and I navigate the October fog. (Photo by Hubby)



  1. I totally forgot about naming your rollator...I could not think of a thing when I read the post but meant to think on it. If I had thought, I would have offered Scout as a name...but Rascal is very good.

    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving. We are having ours tomorrow till they can have the real day with the other side of the family. It will be the first time in a while that our son-in-law doesn't have to work or come home from work...so am so happy he gets the day off.

  2. I hope you and Rascal can get out on many adventures.

  3. Wishing you and Rascal many good times. Thanks for visiting Buttercupland.

  4. Sounds like a good choice.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Rascal is a perfect name. Good idea to get another skinnier one.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. when you are typing and part of it disappears, hit Ctrl Z and it will pop it back. that works in email also... I love the name Rascal. good pick. I picked Maggie because when I was a child I wanted to change my name from Sandra to Maggie and intended to do it the day I turned 18. I am still Sandra, NOT Sandy and did name a dog Maggie once

  7. I'm happy to see the photo of you and Rascal.
    I think it's the perfect name. It will be nice to have Addy for those narrow Adventures you go on.
    Sandra is so good at telling us how to conquer our computers.
    Good luck with your posts.

  8. I love the name. I wonder how I would manage one with my limited vision . I fear I would trip up people as I have little peripheral vision now.