Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas at the Hospital

Hubby and I joined a few other members of his high school graduating class for the December second-Friday reunion breakfast.

Two regulars were missing. Velma and her husband had welcomed me to the group when Hubby and I had first started attending the monthly breakfast at the Harbor House, a popular Biloxi, Mississippi, eatery. 

Another of Hubby's classmates gave us the news: Velma had had emergency bypass surgery and was in her second day in the intensive care unit. 

At the hospital a few hours later, I was happy to learn she had just been settled into a room in the cardiac care wing and was allowed visitors.

She looked so much better than my late mother had after bypass surgery.  I assume that was a good sign of Velma's condition. It is also evidence of the advances in cardiac surgery in the 30 years since Mother's surgery. 

I kept my visit short and was on my way out when this little guy greeted me. 

Cups of Cheer

Coastal Mississippi rarely has snow, but thanks to a creative staff member of the cardiac unit, this snowman made of cups brought a snowy vibe to where the cardiac surgery patients regularly pass on their prescribed walks in the halls.

May that bit of winter whimsy help lift the spirits of those spending this season in the hospital. 



  1. Wishing your friend a speedy recovery. I like the little snowman.

  2. What a cute little snowman. Someone was very creative.
    Yes, the advances in cardiac surgery really are amazing. I had my mitral valve replaced almost two years ago.
    Glad your friend seems to be doing well.

  3. I hope Velma is feeling better and making a good recovery. My mother had bypass surgery thirty some years ago, too. My friends with heart issues seem to have much less harrowing recoveries. Love your little snowguy!

  4. Yes, cardiac surgery has advanced enormously in 30 years and what is even better is so is the recovery. After some PT, she will, hopefully be much better than she was before.

  5. great news that your friend is doing well after the emergency surgery. I watched bob recuperate from that in 2007 and know how hard it is. really cute idea for the cheerful little snowguy

  6. So glad your friend is doing so much better. Yes they have gotten better with that surgery but it still isn't a walk in the park. May she soon be fully recovered.
    Loved the cup snow man. How clever.

  7. So hope Velma makes a full, speedy that Cups of Cheer snowman. It sure is cute.

  8. When I first read the title I thought oh no Linda is in the hospital!
    I am happy to read that your friend is recovering so well.
    Yes, modern advances do make a real difference.
    Love the "snowman" too.
    Continue to enjoy this holiday time and I wish you a wonderful New Year.
    I am so thankful we have become friends through blogging.