Monday, September 9, 2019

Caution: Grandkid Post Ahead

Hubby and I are making plans for travel when the weather gets a bit cooler. 

Ironing out the specifics of our travel plans lately seems to revolve around the schedules of doctors, kids and grandkids.

Medical procedures and doctors’ appointments are a necessary fact of physical health at this stage of life. But the kid and grandkid element is a delightful addiction that boosts our mental and emotional health.

That said, cooler weather travel must include our annual trek to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for Grandparents Day at our Louisiana grands’ school.

Last year the visit to Walker’s classroom was typical. We met his teacher and classroom aide. We joined him in the word puzzles and other activities the teacher had planned for each student to complete with grandparents. 

Walker did a great job of involving both sets of grandparents in his activities. 
Nana, Baboo and Walker
We caught up with Granddaughter Molly Kate in the chapel where performances were planned featuring each of the upper grades plus the school band and choir. Among the fourth-grade numbers were Molly Kate and four other students in a Vegas-styled rendition of the Beatles’ “Love.” 

Our granddaughter on far right
The girls were “backup” singers and dancers to a male classmate’s solo. He nailed what I imagined a Vegas crooner would look like, prancing down the aisle to the stage in a flashy sport coat with the “backup babes” dancing in his wake.

MK doing what she loves
Their singing and dancing plus the performances of other student groups didn’t disappoint.

We definitely weren’t the only happy grandparents that day. It was an enthusiastic, standing-room-only crowd. 

We closed that celebration with another tradition, the grands' choice for lunch at Chick-fil-A.



  1. That is so wonderful that the schools open their doors for grandparents to come in.

  2. Sounds like a delightful day.

    Love the family pictures of you and Walker, and also the one of MK. Nice looking grandchildren.

  3. Wonderful pictures! Going to our grands activities and programs is one of my favorite things to do!

  4. You"re lucky! I have two grandsons. One with Down Syndrome (30) and one who is busy becoming a judge going to college for a law degree (and married).

    LOVE that last photo of your granddaughter best!I love

  5. You all look so happy. I used to love those Grandparent’s days. Mind they are are all past grammar school, but next year, I will have a new grandchild to dote on and love.

  6. Walker looks so delighted to be showing off his grandparents and definitely shares your genes. Molly Kate looks quite a bit like her grandmother and is obviously enjoying the spotlight. Be proud LC.

  7. sounds delightful and something to look forward to this year. MK sure has grown up fast. seems like just yesterday she was a baby. Love the three of you together, Walker sooks so happy

  8. I'm so glad you were able to attend the Grandparents day and bust your buttons with pride over your Grands contributions.
    We used to do that when our Granddaughters were small. I really loved attending. We actually became honorary Grandparent aides and did a lot of docent type work when they went on field trips.
    I'm glad you will be doing some traveling when the weather is cooler. That always boosts my morale.

  9. I love the picture of the three of you!....MK is a pretty girl. Lorelei's grandparent's day is this coming Friday. I hope your traveling plans fall into place.

  10. Cute grandchildren. Your granddaughter looks so happy doing what she loves, and I’m sure she was glad to have you in the audience. I know what you mean about the logistics of visiting them! The older they get and the older we get, the more complicated it gets.

  11. PS I wonder if you would consider putting a follow by email thing in your sidebar. I like to follow people that way because then you get a reminder whenever a new post is made.