Monday, September 23, 2019

Afternoon pick-me-up

Coffee break
My route to our window seats took me past the Keurig that was filling Hubby’s mug with a dose of afternoon energy.

The steam and aroma had me whipping out my iPhone and snapping a pix. Unfortunately, my photograph failed to capture that coffee aroma.

My choice, though, is hot tea. I absolutely cannot stand the coffee taste. Many years ago I tried to learn to like it, if for no other reason than coffee seemed to be an essential element to socializing between classes at college.

After a few attempts I gave up. My stomach simply rebelled even though the smell of coffee brewing is usually a happy, comforting scent to me. 

The taste buds and stomach continue to override the sense of smell, however. Just a cup of hot, hot tea for me, please! 

What’s your choice of a hot beverage? 



  1. Actually I love both! It’s usually coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon... and sometimes tea if I awaken during the night. My dad was from London - and we drank a lot of tea with cream. But mom was born and raised in New Orleans where coffee is king - so both are great for me! Coffee wakes me up - but tea is comfort...

  2. Mine is coffee, with just the right amount of cream. And what is strange, I like strong coffee with a LOT of cream...weaker coffee with less cream is not the same. I cannot make myself drink hot tea....I do not know why there is that mental block there but there is. But give me iced sweetener at all...and it is the most refreshing drink on the planet.

  3. Rian, What a wonderful heritage you have. Hot tea is both weaker-upper and comfort for me.

    Rose, I drank iced tea for every meal except breakfast growing up. Although my sons now drink it sans sweetener, I liked it sweet. Now, except for my chamomile tea, I drink mostly water.

  4. Coffee! Have you tried flavored coffee? They have mint, maple, any kind you could want. They are so good! We love our Keurig!

  5. Like you, I love the smell of coffee, but not its taste. I love my decaf tea, aroma or no aroma.

  6. I am smiling because I have tried and tried to make myself like tea. I have tried at least 6 different types. the only one I can drink is black tea or lipton. my recnt try was green tea, and now I am about to give that box away also.... I keep black tea bags because if I get gas I can drink acup and walk and it eases it... Coffee is what I drink 4 cups of every am. 1st cup at 4 am, second at 7, 8 and now at 9 the last one. I can't drink it after 10 am because it keeps me awake. I see Ginny said flavored, I can't drink flavored, just regular is my favoirte

  7. In the morning it has to be a good strong cup of coffee.I easy even have another one at not, but after that its milk with a meal and water the rest of the time.

  8. I do both though my coffee would make a true coffee drinker cry fowl. I make it very weak since I shouldn't have a lot of caffeine. I must have a dozen herbal teas that I enjoy.

  9. I guess I am a coffee drinker from way back.
    Being Swedish is my excuse. Folks always had a pot on and I learned to love the smell too. I wish coffee tasted as good as it smells when the can is first opened.
    I have one cup with breakfast and sometimes a flavored coffee later in the day to keep me from snacking before dinner.
    Tea in the evening tastes good, especially the herbal flavors like orange and lemon. I just can't seem to drink it for will sort of upset my tummy. I guess I am addicted to that Morning brew.
    the rest of the day it's water. If we go out for a meal I will order unsweetened ice tea.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.