Sunday, June 23, 2019

Thank You!

Thank you for the visits and comments. The encouragement means so much as I relearn how to actually publish a blog post in a readable condition.

I appreciate that some of the wonderful bloggers who made such a difference in my mental and physical state after my 2011 stroke are continuing to publish.

Your current blog posts and your comments on my posts still have the power to lift my spirits and strengthen my will to keep trying, especially during these attempts to return to blogging. 

One of the challenges now is figuring out what has changed, and how to navigate procedures that once were automatic to me. 

On some of my favorite blogs, for example, I can type in a comment, but there evidently are steps I’m missing to get it to “take.” I know the solution is probably obvious, and I will eventually stumble on the answer.

I’m also struggling with posting photos.  Every time I think I have mastered all the steps in the process, on the very next attempt I seem to have forgotten a step. I have to fumble around again until I hit on the right procedure. 

It is getting easier, though. I know it will get even easier as I keep at it, but I still have to resist the urge toward grinding teeth and moaning to Hubby. 

And I am not editing images at all . . .yet. When my computer’s misbehavior crippled my iPhoto program and Apple inflicted the new Photos program on me several years ago, a mostly enjoyable and satisfying process ceased. 

Until I get myself together in that area, I SHALL persevere. And yes, those caps do indicate a shout. That shout is an effort to bolster my determination to work through all those roadblocks that I allowed to thwart previous attempts at resurrecting

Hubby also deserves a "thank you." He has helped me more than once to resolve photo-posting challenges. 

Whew! I think I will sign off now and go have some cheese with my whine.



  1. Your posts have been so good that I had no idea you are struggling. I don't need pictures to enjoy your posts. And there is plenty of time to re-learn things that have changed. I am just glad that you are back now!!

  2. I am here to help if you have questions, email me with any questions and i will be glad to try to help. for instance if you can 't comment on a blog, send me the link and i will look at it and tell you why you can't. blogger has changed drastically since you were posting. the photos upload has changed, and just changed last month. and it doesn't do it on every time. my email is . struggling to post is great brain food excercise, keep trying

  3. If you were having troubles, your posts didn't show it. Me too glad you are back and keep em coming.
    Sandra could help you with photos. I haven't mastered that yet.

  4. Every once in awhile Blogger throws me a curve ball and I have to relearn what I thought I already knew. Not my favorite thing, but it does keep me on my toes.


  5. You are so cute...
    I hope you enjoyed your cheese with your "whine" (:0)
    You are doing fantastic and I can see that your determination will win!
    I'm so glad your comments are coming through on my blog.
    I love hearing from you.
    To tell you the truth...
    Blogger can be a pain at times for all of us.
    All I can say is keep at it and thank you to your sweet Hubby for helping you.
    We are all in this together.
    Blessings and have a wonderful day,

  6. Glad you are pushing your way along. Google Changes have made me struggle for hours. My iPad will not insert photos anymore but my laptop will. Then there are times when comment box won’t let me post my comment. So some days I just take time out and try again. Today is one of those days.