Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Getting a charge out of life

I recently needed a new battery for the Bioness L300 Foot Drop System that helps me walk.

The battery I needed has a six-month life--approximately. The “approximately” part has been a problem for this forgetful Bioness user. 

If there are warning signs before the battery bites the dust and my Bioness quits totally, I don't recognize them. No problem that can’t be solved by a quick run to Walmart or a local drugstore, right?

Wrong! Walmart and local drugstores that Hubby checked up on for the most recent battery replacement revealed they no longer carry the battery required. Back at home, he checked Walmart’s website. It did offer the battery through another vendor, and he quickly completed the online transaction.

I used a brace until the order arrived, but it is not ideal. I tire more quickly than I do with the Bioness. About a week later I asked when the order was supposed to arrive.

“Arrived in today's mail,” he said. Then with a mischievous smile he added, “There is more than one, and you have to find them. All of them are inside the house, in plain sight." 

I quickly found four but he told me to keep searching. There were more. Some of the “hiding places” made me laugh out loud. When I couldn't find any more batteries, I decided to look for the others as I went about household tasks. 

I made a trip to our bedroom with my rollator to put clean clothes away and spied the last two batteries on a pillow.

I am positive, well, almost positive, that they weren’t there at the beginning of the battery quest.

I think my resident prankster had mercy on me and moved them so I could find them more easily.

Thanks to his battery prank, laughter filled the house and the Bioness device was zapping my leg once again. definitely got a charge out of life that day. 



  1. You are blessed with such a wonderful husband!

  2. Love that you have plenty of back ups now. Has to be a comfort.

  3. Your Hubby is a real Keeper.
    I love his heart for you.
    So glad you got your new "charge"....
    Keep on Keeping on...