Sunday, June 30, 2019

Food, fun and family

NOTE: The post below has been languishing unpublished since mid-2016 when I took my unexpectedly extended break from blogging. Another Independence Day is almost here again, and much has changed--jobs, addresses, and grandchildren's growth spurts. Although I'm not certain what to expect other than heat and humidity, I am beginning my July 4 celebration early, looking back via that unpublished post as I drafted it in July 2016:

Independence Day this year posed the biggest test yet for how our new downsized home will accommodate additional bodies overnight.

Our guests numbered six for four nights and seven for the fifth night. A little creative use of every space included two beds, two window seats almost eight feet long each, and the floor with several air mattresses. Everyone had a spot for snoozing. 

That left us free to savor the holiday, some coast attractions and togetherness.

Our oldest son Walt’s Georgia tribe of six was here July 1-5, and son Jeremy was here July 4-5. It was the first overnight stay in our new house for Walt’s family.

Walt had booked a half-day charter for July 3 on a boat captained by our nephew Ryan Byrd. Hubby and I opted to stay home and stay cool.

The Georgia crew’s successful morning supplied redfish, Spanish mackerel and other tasty species for two July 4 gatherings plus abundant filets to take back to Georgia.

That evening DIL Sarah marshaled us to the beach for our community’s annual July 3 fireworks.  We ate cold watermelon and watched the fireworks light up the night sky. There was even a cool breeze to relieve the typical heat and humidity.

Jeremy arrived July 4 with his equipment for a fish fry. The brothers worked together, frying fish in the July heat.

We enjoyed the meal inside, though. I do appreciate air conditioning. The fish, hush puppies and Sarah’s homemade apple pie with ice cream for dessert were perfect holiday fare.

Our younger generations’ taking charge was definitely an unexpected and happy treat. It was a memorable Independence Day—food, fun and family.


  1. wow, you have beaten my record for leaving a post in drafts. i think the longest for mine was 6 months... this is great to help you remember that other 4th. hope the coming one is as much fun for you

  2. Now that was a busy but happy time. Glad you dusted that draft off.

  3. I sure love traditions. Having family and celebrating...what could be better?
    sounds like everyone fit perfectly and you had a banquet of yummy fish.
    I'm so glad you are back blogging and cleaning up your "draft" files.