Monday, June 10, 2019

Coffee Anyone?

Mississippi coffee art

Hubby loves coffee. I love hot tea. 

We both love visiting new-to-us coffee shops when we travel. But there is nothing quite so satisfying as visits to our familiar coffee shop haunts closer to home.

Coffee Fusion, just a few blocks from our house, is almost a second home to us. Mornings we usually see other “regulars” and visit awhile before we settle in with our hot beverages and fire up our computers.

Once a week we meet Hubby’s siblings and their spouses there in the evening for coffee, smoothies, and, in my case, water. We solve the world’s problems, catch up on grandkids and report on recent adventures. 

We also celebrate birthdays with a huge slice of Italian cream cake and six forks. It is so rich that sharing satisfies the sweet tooth as well as our mutual determination to stay as healthy as possible.

About once or twice a month the urge hits Hubby and me to take the 45-minute drive on U.S. 90 along the beach to our second favorite, Cat Island Coffee House. 

The view of beach, Mississippi Sound and Pass Christian Harbor is relaxing, and a big plus is that they serve the hot drinks in large ceramic cups instead of Styrofoam.

The structure, with indoor and outdoor seating, is a modern architectural gem designed to house both the coffee house and Pass Christian Books. 

Even though I usually read e-books instead of print versions since my stroke, I savor being surrounded by the enticing array of regional books, brightly colored children’s books, new fiction and nonfiction. The second floor loft is totally dedicated to books to browse and buy. 

Whether at the homey local coffee shop, the modern beachfront shop or coffee houses we find during travel, our reaction is the same. 

Hubby and I find pleasure in the hot drinks, warm welcomes and interesting people that we usually encounter.



  1. sounds wonderful, especially the meet ups with family.

  2. We both love coffee, and really enjoy our mugs of it. But I must say we do not have any place like these where you are. How awesome that must be!! I wish we did, but only a Starbucks. To me, being surrounded by books is comforting. Is this a Panda coffee?

  3. Share your opinion about real books. I am a Kindle lover also but nothing brings more comfort that full book shelves. Had to basically give up coffee for the caffeine but do miss it.

  4. Hubby loves espressos. Buddy love teas and l love water, the sparkling type.
    Coffee makes me have fast heart rate.