Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This and that

What is it?
Alien in my window

I noticed the apparition above while I was sitting on the sofa, strapped into a Dynasplint for my left elbow, a 75-minute daily chore to combat permanent shortening of muscle and nerves affected by my stroke. 

Since I am not supposed to walk around while in the splint, I had plenty of time to enjoy experimenting with different settings to snap a photo from where I sat.

Can you identify the bizarre visitor on my windowsill? The answer is at the end of today's post.

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How old is old?
Ronni Bennett’s post today on her blog Time Goes By, click here, addresses “At What Age Is Someone Old?”

As usual her post is thought provoking, as are the comments. Many folks, it seems, consider “old” as any age beyond their own accumulation of years. I can remember at 14 or 15 thinking of my mother as old, not as in elderly but definitely not young.

But at a family reunion several years ago, someone had photos of the reunion when I was in my mid-teens. One snapshot was of my mother and me outside, carrying our “reunion” foods. At 42 she looked like a sister, and not a much older sister either. Wish I had a copy of that snapshot now.
I mentally passed an aging milestone on my 45th birthday. I was driving when I suddenly felt a pebble in my mouth. It was no pebble. It was the top of a front bottom tooth that had fallen off.

Ever since, I have just been thankful on each birthday, including my recent 67th, when no other body parts have fallen off.

Old, yes. Stroke survivor with major limitations, yes. Still enjoying life, definitely.

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Happy birthdays
Charlie, the birthday girl
Participation in celebration of our Georgia grandchildren’s birthdays is often an impromptu affair long after the official celebration. But parents, birthday grandchild and siblings all seem to accept the informal, low-key affairs executed by their grandfather Baboo with the help of their mom.

 Get ready!

And we all appreciate the extra opportunity to eat cake and ice cream and sing “Happy Birthday.”

Get set!

Charlie, a January birthday girl, was the honoree during our February visit to Georgia.  She and Baboo returned from a Saturday afternoon trip to the store with a “cookies and cream” ice cream cake. Yes, we enjoyed!


*   *   *   *   *

Answer to “What is it?”
It is a seed pod of an amaryllis with the two dried blooms still attached. The blooms were deep red. The bulb and everything I needed for planting  was a much enjoyed Christmas gift from our Georgia tribe. I hope the seeds will be viable and a source of more of those red blooms.

An April 2010 amaryllis


  1. I was going to guess the last remains of a couple of daffodils. I just went out and pulled those seed pods from the my dead daffodil blooms. If you let them develop, the bulb won't come back next year.

  2. I thought some type of flower but I didn't know for sure. Happy birthday to all the grands! They are precious.

  3. I must say i like the child that the alien had, so beautiful. i also liked the shot of the alien. i learned to use my camera sitting in my rocker playing with it... from toes to out the window.
    love that birthday cake... big fat oreo and they are my favorite cookies.
    about being old, we call the our neighbors son the kid when we talk about him. he is now 40... he was 15 when we moved here...
    i am 6 months away from 70 and i remember when i thought my dad was ancient when he turned 60

  4. That seed pod looked like an alien visitor. I love amaryllis too and have a red one and a couple red and white. I am old, I admit it, but not real old. LOL

  5. There is no way I would have guessed an Amaryllis! I'll be 70 this spring. I'm grateful for life and loves. Most days I don't act my age!

  6. I thought flower but had no idea which one. It did have an ET look.
    How nice that the grands get to drag out their birthdays. Way to go.
    I use to think 15 years older than me was old, now there are so few alive in that age group I may have to recalculate.

  7. Surprises all around with the birthday girl Chalie and aliens on your window frame!

  8. Thanks for giving the answer to your 'visitor'. I would have never guessed it in a million years!!!

  9. You fooled me with the photo. I had no idea.

    Each birthday is a gift. Congratulations on reaching 67. I'm just two years older. Some days I feel so old. Others, I feel my age. Tonight, I am visiting my nearly 98 year old mother. She is not old at all. Seriously, she is amazing.

  10. I love dragging out the birthday celebrations just as long as you can. Fun to celebrate them with the Grands and ice cream and cake...yum.

    Old is just a number. The older I get the younger everyone seems. Why the police officers are just babies...
    I really can't believe I am 70 now. That number sounds old to me and I can't be "that old".
    Definitely not part of the young married couples group any is such a rude awakening.
    When going to Mexico again this Easter vacation for our Mission Trip I am playing the Grandma card. Love working and seeing all the youth expend their energy and i am not going to work my self to death this year.
    Can you believe that there will be 1,200 high school, college and adults going this year??
    Lots of meals to prepare.
    Last year we had 160 vans rented and borrowed. There will have to be more this year.
    That's gazillions of eggs to crack and scramble and humongous amounts of lettuce heads to chop. Gobs of pancakes to flip and chicken to grill.
    At least this year we have 40 on our kitchen food team. Many hands make light work.
    Last year 9 homes were built, 3 roofs repaired, 3 schools painted and 10,500 pounds of food distributed to the needy. Lots of festivals, dramas, VBS programs and a new women's program started. There was and will be again this year development of Celebrate Recovery programs.
    God is good and His work is being done.
    I am thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful ministry.

  11. Lovely flower, lovely granddaughter, but not lovely splint. I wear them on my wrists which helps control the pain of arthur-itus. I also wear them out....holes, mends, and safety pins are my friends with a price of 35 bucks for each new splint.

    So think of the money you are saving by sitting still. LOL