Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stroke recovery: The crab challenge

Crabby décor at a local eatery

While waiting for Husband Walter to pay for our breakfast at McElroy’s Seafood Restaurant, I noticed the crab decorations on a wall adjacent to the restrooms.

That represented a modest but savored accomplishment for me--paying attention to more than one thing at a time without falling over. 

Keeping my balance in that busy area usually keeps me focused on people moving around me, and I stay ready to recover if someone bumps or brushes me.
This time, though, the crabs also caught my attention. Shaped like the tasty blue crabs that inhabit our coastal waters, one was orange and one was blue. 

The real crustacean is not totally blue. The blue is mostly on its five pair of legs--the large claws in front, the three pair of regular legs, and one pair of swimming paddles in the back.  

The blue crab was next to the men's room. The orange crab was by the women's. I briefly considered then dismissed the thought that there was a significance in placement related to gender. Or maybe the colors portrayed cooked and uncooked blue crabs. 

And that brought me back around to the possibility of positioning based on gender: Could the orange, cooked crab be a saltwater version of "your goose is cooked"?  Might the uncooked crab by the men’s room fall under the category of "half-baked"?

Nahhh. I decided it was merely a marketing decision by the producers of crabby décor. By the time I braked my runaway train of thought, Hubby had completed his transaction and was ready to go. He unwrapped the Andes chocolate mint he had just added to the total and popped the treat into my mouth.

Yum! Still upright and enjoying chocolate. A great beginning to the day.


  1. Well, you had nothing to be crabby about this day! Each step to improvement is reason to celebrate!

  2. We have the Chesapeake Blue Crab up here. I didN 'tknow there were blue crabs in the Gulf!

  3. I love the way you write. And think! My aunt had a stroke about 6 years ago and she has trouble with balance and remembering certain words, but otherwise doing okay. It's good that you are, too. :)

  4. Love Andes Candies. So refreshing after a meal.
    I think the crabs were gender positioned. They aren't particularly artistically place to my way of thinking.
    So glad to see you are progressing in little subtle ways.
    Keep it going...
    I love hearing about your days.
    You have a great style of writing.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Ha, when I saw the crabs by the restrooms, my first thought was what was the significance ? Could come up with nothing but like your versions.

  6. Crabby or not it looks like you were having a good day. Way to go!!

  7. No blue or orange crabs here, but we do have falling over's. Bravo for not doing this.