Sunday, May 27, 2012

One Stroky’s Journey: This Little Piggy

My recent footwear

Dr. Rick the podiatrist removed the entire left half of my toenail on an ailing little piggy last Tuesday, including the root of the nail on the painful side of the toe.  

The ingrown toenail was on the toe next to the big toe on my right foot—the one that still has sensation. It had been painful for more than two weeks. Since it was already sore and swollen, I figured a sandal would avoid any pressure on the ailing little piggy after the podiatrist did whatever he was going to do and the deadening injections wore off. It worked, but because sandals don’t work with the brace or Bioness I need for walking, the mismatched footwear looked pretty bizarre.

After my stroke I ditched footwear with any hint of style in favor of shoes I could wear successfully with brace or my Bioness. My priority in post-stroke reality is regaining movement. I am ruthless about wearing what helps rather than hinders, although I have had assistance from therapists in recognizing the difference at times.

I have been off my feet most of last week. Saturday included outings, yes, with my odd footwear, to our favorite coffee shop and to a Saturday evening church service.
My foot is healing and feeling better. I am still avoiding shoe or sock on that particular little piggy. Hopefully by the time for therapy on Tuesday, two days from now, I will be back into shoes that match.


  1. comfort is always the name of the game for me, i can't wear closed in shoes, so i live in sandals. sorry about your toe. i had my big toe done like that years ago and it was not fun.

  2. I see a pedicurist every 4-6 weeks. That's the only way to prevent ingrown toenails. You have my sympathy. Pain is never a good thing.

  3. Oh goodness, yet another thing we have in common. I had both big toes "done." I had ingrown toenails and plantar fascii in both heels. Doc says it is owing to dry tendons and nails (A side effect of aging and meds).

    I wore sandles for ages, still do in the house. A week or two ago, I went out and bought myself some nice walking shoes. Now, if I can shed some weight, I hope to be able to take walks again. That is walks of longer than a block or two. Dianne

  4. Yikes that looks painful. I used to have them all the time when I worked and wore stylish shoes. Since I joined the sneaker generation, all is well. Hope you are healed up soon.

  5. Ouch! The toe nail removal doesn't sound like fun :( Hope you'll be good as new very soon.

    As for stylish footwear, I gave that up many years ago! Give me foot comfort or give me nothing at all!!! LOL

  6. Hope you have "Happy Feet" again soon, Linda.
    I'm sure it is painful but it seems you are doing everything the right way to heal quickly.
    Keep plugging along. Your strides are so encouraging.