Sunday, May 6, 2012

One Stroky’s Journey: Is It Age?

Recently I was wasting time and enjoying it, I admit, watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory. My cell phone rang. I grabbed the remote to mute the television before answering my cell phone. I pushed the button. Sheldon’s voice still filled the room. I tried turning the TV off. No luck!

That’s when the disconcerting truth dawned. I was punching buttons on the house phone. No wonder I was having no success operating the TV.

At least I had the comforting knowledge that this episode probably wasn’t stroke-related. Husband Walter had done the same thing the week before.

That comfort was short-lived. Our bathroom is small and counter space limited. I have several different tubes of toothpaste in use and regularly scoop them up and corral them in a cup with our toothbrushes.

Yesterday morning I grabbed a tube and my toothbrush. At this stage in my stroke recovery, I use my knees to hold the tube in place while I squeeze my preferred gel tooth cleanser on to my brush. It is faster than prying my left hand open and fitting a tube into it. I started to unscrew the cap.

Oops! It was hemorrhoid ointment instead of toothpaste. All I can say is that I am thankful I realized my error before application. Yech!

The upside of these mental lapses is that hubby and I aren’t likely to run out of things to laugh about.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week!


  1. I see we are both big Sheldon fans!!! I LOVE Big Bang!!! I tape over a dozen episodes a week and have to get my daily fix. This month, Howard and Bernadette will get married, I saw the formal wedding picture in T.V. Guide. The phone and T.V. remote, I have done the exact same thing. And I know people who have actually brushed their teeth with hemorrhoid cream!! Well, at least they won't be having swollen gums in awhile!

  2. hahaha! hilarious!!! You are too funny!

  3. YECK indeed. if i am watching Sheldon I don't answer the phone. I love that show and that silly Sheldon makes me roar with laughter, just like your post did today. laughing with you not at you because i am there doing the same type things.

  4. I'm laughing with you on this. I'm not laughing at you because you speak of truth here. Getting older means we need to be more mindful. This comes at a time when our brains decide to go to sleep.

  5. I had a girlfriend age 30 who used hairspray on her skirt. She thought it was anticling spray. I don't think its age, we all do it. Even children. Dianne

  6. Love Big Bang also. I would like Sheldon as a house pet.
    You are too funny but certainly not alone. We all do those things. When younger, I once put my husbands hair gel on my toothbrush but didn't catch it. Yuck.

  7. Laughter is such good medicine!
    Love your lapses...have you been peaking into our house?
    I always say to my Hubby Dave that it takes both of us to have one good mind and body.
    I love reading your adventures and thanks so much for commenting on my posts so faithfully.

  8. It's a gift to be able to laugh at the little things that could so easily cause frustration or tears. You two obviously have it. Blessings

  9. I think as long as you don't leave your car keys in the freezer, you're doing fine!