Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thanks to ‘Dear Readers’

I had no idea when I started this blog that I would even have readers, let alone have readers who have buoyed my spirits and my determination during my stroke recovery with their prayers and comments. But that has been the case. Healing through the blogosphere . . . what a concept . . . and a blessing!

So I want to say thank you to blogging friends – and relatives – who leave encouraging comments and who share, through their own blogs, their thoughts and their stories about their lives -- words that inspire me, give my brain cells a much needed workout, provide a comforting glimpse of everyday, simple joys, or just give me the gift of unrestrained, body-shaking laughter. Thank you Dear Readers and fellow bloggers!

And thanks for all the complimentary comments about bravery, positive attitude and good spirit. Such characteristics are not always my natural state. So I have to give credit where credit is due. From the very beginning of this stroke journey, God has graced me with a simple and comforting trust, that whatever comes, he has things figured out for me already.

And early on, every time that I surfaced into the real world from floating in a comforting, peacefulul state, there was an affirmation of his care awaiting me, whether the presence of loved ones and friends, or a medical person with a helpful hint that I could use immediately, or cards and phone calls letting me know I was in someone’s thoughts and prayers.

During this current phase of my recovery, my therapists and dear hubby are contending with some moans, groans and whining from me. I am a wienie when it comes to even minimal amounts of pain, especially since this pain has most likely arrived due to some unfortunate habits I developed while protecting my affected left hand.

But God’s affirmations of his care continue, through cards, emails, blogs, untold kindnesses of all sorts, and assurances of continued prayer from friends, relatives, strangers, and those who were strangers but who I now count as friends. How can I not experience joy! Truly showers of blessings surround me.


  1. We are all rooting and praying for you, yours is truly an amazing story!! Has something frozen up because of not using your hand? Phil has had frozen shoulder.

  2. Ginny,I guess I have let my arm stay close to my side in my wheelchair and most other situations and my hand is usually in my lap in my wheelchair or it gets jammed up someway. Occupational therapist is looking at some equipment strategies. So Shoulder and arm are tight.

  3. You've already done the hard work. Just keep on keeping on and all will be well.

  4. We have an awesome God. He truly does give us amazing grace when we need it most. Your story inspires me and gives me hope.

    Now, I hope that arm straightens out without too much pain. Been there done that after a broken elbow.

  5. I think perhaps the best part is that YOU have found ways to be positive and forward-thinking. I would guess there are times that are not hunky-dory, but all in all, it seems you have a "get'er done" attitude, and that is a wonderful and remarkable quality! And I'd also guess your life will be even more full and blessed because of this rough patch in your journey.

    It's good to "know" you!

  6. I do not have your health issue, but can ditto everything you said here. I too had no idea of the fun and comfort and love and friendships to be had by posting a simple blog. I will pray for your pain to lessen, so sorry it has come. hugs from Florida

  7. I have been so impressed with your positiveness. You inspire me to quit sweating the small things and to enjoy simple pleasures more.
    Thank you.

  8. Hang in there with that left hand Linda. The last thing I recovered was the use of the little finger on my left hand. I blog partly for the same reasons you do. It gives my left hand-brain coordination a workout. Dianne

  9. Marcia, RET & Lynilu, Thanks for your kind observations and encouragement.

    Sanda and Dianne, yes, blogging definitely fills a need in my life, too.

    Patti, I think you are already not sweating the small stuff. Your strategy seems to be to turn life's irritation's, challenges, and drive-you-crazy circumstances into well-crafted chronicles that bring laughter and awareness into the lives of your readers!