Friday, July 8, 2011

Happiness is . . .

Our traditional family photo at the Gatlinburg, TN, entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Our group this year included our two sons and their families. Photo by husband Walter.

Happiness is camping in the Smokies with husband Walter and our sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. Of course contributing to that happy experience are dozens upon dozens of moments that bubble up, each iridescent with the joy of a distinct memory of grandchildren’s enthusiasm about simple pleasures of rocks and water, the giving spirit of two special daughters-in-law, our sons introducing their little ones to the magic of the mountains, and a husband who puts his love for all of us into action.

Nana and Baboo
Hubby knows how much I love having this photo that seems like a cliché. But for me it marks changes in our lives. There is also the humor that accompanies our family’s photographic efforts: formerly it was the patriarch’s setting up camera, getting the timer setting to work then the recurring mad dashes to get into the photo.

Now that the sons are fathers, the scene is even more entertaining to me.

Get ready!

And like father like sons, it always takes longer as fond grandfather and fathers become distracted by the potental of cute kid photos!
Get set!



  1. How fun.
    Cherish these moments. I'm so glad that you are able to have the special family times.
    Love the mad dash of the guys.
    To answer your question, yes it is a hydrangea taken in the very late afternoon.

  2. this is great and more fodder for pilot lights of memories in the future. i love that you get it each time to see the changes. it has been 50 years since i was there and i would love to see it now

  3. I love the pictures and am so glad you are having a good time!!!

  4. I love it!! Traditions like this are so nice, and years from now, those annual "updates" will be treasures!

  5. You look wonderful. I love how your guys take getting just the right photo seriously!

  6. You put me to shame and I am so proud to be one of your blogger reader/friends. What a wonderful trip and how brave to make the best of things. I know you are now back home so I hope the trip has done you good.