Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Stroky’s Journey: Inside Outside

In the heat of July and August, husband Walter and I usually spend a lot of time indoors, unless we are on a trip to cooler spots such as the Smoky Mountains.

But there is one difference this summer. My desire to be outside has increased in spite of the extreme temps right now. I think it may be because since my April 22, 2011, stroke, I have lost the freedom, hopefully only a temporary loss, to go outside on my own, whenever the urge strikes.

Fifteen minutes of early morning weeding – Walter calls it my “grubbing in the dirt” – gives me a sense of well being, of being centered and balanced. It is an act of meditation that I miss.

Walter and I could easily make it work, even with the current limitations in my motor skills. But since my return home from rehab May 24, our days have been full of outpatient therapy, therapy “homework” and adapting the daily personal and homemaking routines that take longer now.

The fact that we spent a week in early July camping in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park just whetted my appetite for being outside. Having put my “itch” into words just now has already lifted my spirits, sort of like cyber weeding!

I suspect that, by the time our coastal Mississippi temperatures reach a more inviting level, maybe in October, I will be out in the garden at least occasionally. Until then, I think I will shop online for fall and winter veggie seeds. Hmmmmm . . . Seeds of hope!


  1. I can't believe it's almost time for school to start!! Fall is nearly here!

  2. I understand completely. Well, not completely. I've never had a stroke and been stripped of my freedom to be outside.

    Last summer, after my daughter's death, the two outdoor activities of my early morning coffee time followed by my time weeding in the garden, are what provided me with a sense of well being. Weeding is good for the soul, I've alway thought.

    I think you are right on. Buy those seeds of hope and get ready for fall planing.

  3. I admire you for your wholly positive attitude. That's the spirit!
    You will get better and your weeding days are by no means over. You'll be out there, on your knees, telling those weeds who's boss yet.

  4. I agree with Friko. You will be grubbing in the dirt before you know it.

  5. The urge to weed is a good one, hopefully it won't be long till you can get out there. In the meantime, keep us all going with your stories that encourage.

  6. enjoy your shopping trip from the comforts of home, a few years ago you would have had to go out of the house. i do not like gardening at all, but hubby does

  7. Reading your blog today, two things strike me. 2) How I long to go outside when I can't, yes it is good for the spirit. These Code Red days, it is difficult for me to do so safely owing to breathing issues. Also,since I was notified of a skin cancer, I am very cautious about the sun. Is that closing the barn door? So, I water early (sprinkling can and rain water from our rain barrels) and pull weeds while the dogs do their early morning thing...around 7 o'oclock. I also bought some neat garden hats, and use the new sun screen faithfully.

    I forgot the second thing, but it probably has to do with how quickly each day seems to pass.


  8. PS I am going to stop numbering things, I think.

  9. Seeds of Hope!!!
    I just love that Linda.
    I can see that those seeds are planted way down deep inside of you. Seeds take time to germinate and grow. Your progress is the same. I think that the camping trip was the best medicine for you and your yard will greet you with open arms any time you go out there.
    Keep on keeping on.

  10. Where there is a will, there is a way. You will be planting those seeds before you know it! Meanwhile, enjoy the air conditioning :)