Monday, July 18, 2011

One Stroky’s Journey: The Colors of Prayer

Tangible prayer
While I was in ICU and rehab following my April 22, 2011 stroke, visitors, calls, cards, flowers, plants and a variety of other thoughtful “happies” arrived. All came with wishes for healing and with assurances that I was in the givers’ thoughts and prayers. Life-affirming and encouraging, they supported my early feeling that I was surrounded by prayer.

Whether hugs, cards, or flowers, they all came clothed in colors. To me they were tangible, colorful prayers.

There were soft spring colors carrying connotations life and renewal. 

Then there were bold colors of exuberant hope.

Colors of comfort and concern.

Lively, colorful blasts of good wishes

I am so thankful for the prayers and positive thoughts that were offered on my behalf and that continue. They have made all the difference in my ability to trust God with my future and my recovery journey. 


  1. What amazing pictures you have shown us! Signs of hope on your journey. Soft, wild, cute, and fragile, all full of beauty! I could not even begin to pick a favorite, they ALL are!! Is the colorful tulip with the frog a card?

  2. Lots of love in those photos. You are blessed!

  3. your photos are beautiful, i like the first and the last the best for today.

  4. You have to know you are loved with all those symbols. Prayers sometimes are not visable but are just as comforting and healing.

  5. Amazing that t someone had the presence of mind to take photos of the flowers. Love thhe oranges and that Cloisonné tulip. Dianne

  6. This post is just plain amazing. You, my dear, have a gift of expression that is brings healing to others. I love how you illustrated your reflections on the message sent to you by others.

    "Colors of comfort and concern," and "lively, colorful blast of good wishes" are just what the doctor ordered for one needing healing.

  7. A great description of what good wishes look and feel like.

  8. May your friends' prayers and thoughts continue to help you on your way to full recovery.

    Very best wishes come your way.

  9. I hadn't thought of prayer being full of color before. Thank you for the beautiful thought.
    I hope my prayer for you is like a bouquet of Sweet Peas. Drink deeply of the fragrance and soft healing colors.

  10. Ginny, The tulip and little frogs are a reproduction on a card. The artwork is by a gifted artist, and I am still trying to find that card in the things I brought home from rehab.

    Lynilu, Sandra, Patti, and Marcia, thanks so much for your encouraging observations.

    English Teacher, thank you! Your words resurrect happy memories of my 9th grade English teacher who encouraged me to write, write, write!

    Dianne, No presence of mind! I was just determined to remember things that had tumbled about in my mind while I was floating around in my personal "sea of tranquility." The colors of prayer and the wonderful people I encountered were first on the list. As rehab cranked up, however, photos went by the wayside of lower priority than pottying and napping when I was not in therapy.

    Friko and Sue of Photowannabe, thanks for the best wishes and prayer. I loved the idea of sweetpeas. I love these fragrant spring blossoms. I haven't been successful in growing them, but they are a treasured childhood memory.