Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Two of our little granddaughters, sisters Charlie and Stella, are supplying fun glimpses for their nana into the early stages of sisterhood. Two-year-old Stella is adept at pushing her four-year-old sister to the outer limits of frustration. But Stella also learns from big sister. Examples:

Gardening--Four-year-old Charlie prepares to plant a plastic tree in her dinosaurs’ landscape; Stella adds plastic foliage for her dinosaurs’ enjoyment.

Modeling--If Nana says “lean your heads together for a photo,” Stella watches Charlie then tilts her head the same way that Charlie does.

Dance—Charlie’s at-home practice for her “Mommy and Me” ballet classes reinforces Stella’s penchant for pink tutus and movement in time to music.

Happy times for Nana!


  1. I love these sweet pictures. Sisters can definitely get in each others hair but i love the sisterhood copying.

  2. The dancing practice is a dream! Great photos.