Thursday, June 3, 2010

The 'gas-or-happy' debate

Katie’s photo of Walker at three weeks
Almost two weeks have passed since husband Walter and I departed the Louisiana home of our newest grandchild Walker Vincent Skupien. We miss seeing his change from newborn to growing infant, but mom Katie keeps family and friends connected via her blog, The Daily Skup. Her comments about baby smiles and happy looks match memories of Walker’s dad, our youngest son Jeremy.

The layers of awe and delight that such memories create must be typical for grandparents. Along with the joy at Walker’s accomplishments his first few days of life (You know, like yawning, opening his eyes, sleeping!), memories surface of his dad’s first days.

I remember my husband and I sitting together in the hospital room and admiring our new son Jeremy some hours after his arrival. We were talking to him and touching his little chin to trigger a reaction that we had discovered and that delighted us. He would just burst out in the biggest smile. Everyone assured us it was gas. I understand that eight weeks is the timeline for infants to begin smiling on purpose. But we still think those early smiles indicated at the very least an involuntary reaction to something that was pleasurable to our little newborn. Those early smiles sure fit the ability Jeremy exhibited from an early age. He was an expert at pushing our emotional buttons—sending us into fits of laughter or spasms of teeth-grinding.

What a joy that children--and grandchildren--have such distinct, entertaining, and yes, challenging personalities.


  1. Jeremy and I both think Walker smiles at us without gas sometimes! He smiles a lot - just like his daddy did and I have no doubt that Walker will follow in his footsteps as a button pusher! MK gets that trait from Jeremy too! It makes life so much fun for me!! :)

    I enjoyed this post about Jeremy as a baby - I really want to see a picture of J when he was an infant to compare to Walker. Miss you both bunches!


  2. Amen and amen to that. I just love being a grandparent and I love watching each season of their lives.