Friday, June 11, 2010

Happiness is . . .

My brother Mike and family on a visit to my mother
- A visit to my mother that coincides with a trip to Hattiesburg, MS, by my brother Mike, wife Sonya, and offspring Amanda, Becky and Matthew;

- Anticipating the arrival of grandchildren, assorted parents, and other relatives;

- My mother’s 91st birthday tomorrow;

A gift of glad
 - A neighbor’s sharing vivid gladiolas from her flower bed; and

My office?
- Blogging at Coffee Fusion with husband Walter.


  1. Go, Linda's mom! I love the cafe blogging photo at the end. I should do some cafe blogging - it is bound to bring some inspiration. Has your tea arrived safely?

  2. Doh! I just reread you comment on my blog that your tea has indeed arrived. Both you and Brian have received your parcels. Haven't heard from the rest yet. Hope you like it! :)