Monday, February 15, 2010

Two special valentines


Valentines Day is the anniversary of two extra special valentines in our family, niece Amanda, 19, and great-niece Trinity, 7, both with Feb. 14 birthdays. Amanda is the eldest daughter of my brother Mike Carpenter. Trinity’s mom, Melissa Byrd, is married to our nephew Ryan. With their marriage we gained a sixth niece – Melissa, and our only great niece – Trinity.

Our nieces for many years gave us our only brush with the world of princesses-in-training. They have been and still are a continual source of joy, pride and education about girl things. Our Skupien nieces also share responsibility for three “great” blessings: great-nephews, Ashton, 5, whose mom is Stephanie, and Miles, 13 months, whose mom is Sandi; and great-niece Trinity.

God bless Amanda and Trinity as they begin their new year!

Thanks to brother Mike for the photo of Amanda.

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