Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blogging lagniappe

When I visit my mother, she and I usually spend time in her apartment looking at the photos and narrative of my blog, daughter-in-law Katie’s blog, The Daily Skup, and Facebook posts by her other grandchildren. Although Mother has no interest in using a computer on her own, with me doing the navigating, she enjoys the glimpses that blogs and Facebook give her into the lives of her loved ones. During our most recent visit, however, maintenance work in her apartment sent us out to a sofa in a second-floor common area. We snuggled up with the computer positioned in our laps where we could both see.

I finished reading a recent “Forebears and Four Bears” post to her. She said with some urgency to go back for another look at the photo of the quilted bears. She was excited that she recognized several quilt pieces on one of the bears. The pieces were scraps from material her mother had used to make dresses for Mother and her sisters more than three quarters of a century ago.

“She sewed dresses for Thelma, Audrey (her younger sisters) and me from that one,” she said, pointing out a patch of vertical hearts and other designs on the bear’s cheek. She identified another patch on the bear’s shoulder, flowers on a black background: “That one she used for dresses for Beatrice and Pearl (her older sisters).”

Those bears had been in her home for a number of years, but it took a photo on a blog for that memory of her younger years to surface. By the time we had finished looking at granddaughter Molly Kate’s newest adventures on The Daily Skup, we discovered another bonus from our blog visits. 

Mother had to leave her sofa behind when she moved to her new living space. Since her move we had missed sitting close together on the sofa -- a cup of coffee for her, tea for me, and quiet conversation. After our computer session outside her apartment, the light bulb finally blinked on over both our heads. We realized we could renew that long-standing mother-daughter tradition. It will just be a different sofa in a different place, and we will be transporting our cups a bit farther than before her move. Recovered memories and renewed habits of the heart – blogging lagniappe indeed.

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