Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another February blessing!

A trip to Prairieville, LA, today was a joyful celebration of the two-year anniversary of granddaughter Molly Kate’s entrance into the world. Molly Kate loves a party, and she was a mix of action and awe at her Minnie Mouse party.

Birthday girl Molly Kate, left, and her cousin Clara go all out in the jumper.

This little girl went non-stop -- climbing, jumping, engaging great-grandparents and grandparents in her antics with balloons, blowing bubbles, chasing treats from the Minnie Mouse piñata. She was entranced by her birthday cake and was vocally enthusiastic about the crepe paper decorations her dad had draped around the ceiling fan. The plaited crepe paper was pink and black, Minnie Mouse colors, of course. The Minnie Mouse theme was her choice, and mama Katie had carried it out thoroughly.

Molly Kate focuses her considerable concentration on the serious business of opening gifts.

As guests were departing, Molly Kate was still going and going, although more slowly, relishing final moments with other little ones. Many of the adults, including husband Walter and me, had been at the hospital two years ago, waiting for Molly Kate’s arrival. It has been a blessing, watching her grow from infant to a special little girl.  


  1. Nice blog with nice picture of cutie enjoying the presents. She is cute and adorable. Keep on posting some more pictures on your upcoming blog.

  2. Molly Kate is a real cutie! I love her dress, too.