Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday temptations

These few pieces of chocolate are all that remain of two festive party favor bags from two-year-old granddaughter Molly Kate’s Minnie Mouse birthday party Saturday. The “thank you” message from Molly Kate on the bags was among a multitude of happy little touches that daughter-in-law Katie does so well. Technically one bag was for me and one for husband Walter. But I confess: I am guilty of indulging from both. My resistance to temptation -- and ability to share -- diminishes embarrassingly when chocolate or salty snacks are in our house.

Walter and I also feasted the day after the party on scrumptious leftover pastalaya – think jambalaya with spaghetti instead of rice. It was my first encounter with pastalaya but definitely won’t be my last. Katie’s brother Patrick was the chef and supplied enough of the tasty Louisiana dish for the 32 adults to enjoy at Molly Kate’s party and to take home well filled go boxes. We were still celebrating Sunday night. Yum!

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