Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What I learned today

A multi-talented mom, wife, writer and singer, she lost her voice as a result of the radiation but is now singing again. She named her ministry “Healing Song.”

The kits are canvas tote bags stuffed with items that comforted her through the physical, emotional and spiritual journey of chemotherapy and radiation. My sister-in-law Lila and I had been assembling rice bags for the kits. Suitable for freezer or microwave, they can be used as cold or hot packs, and Brooke needed both at times. But she said what she is really short on right now are warm, fuzzy socks to help combat the cold that patients experience, and Queasy Pops for the nausea.

Queasy Pops? The last I knew she was tucking hard candy into the kits. She had said the candy helped when the medical folks flushed her port or when she had radiation and could taste the burning. Now she has found something better. Brooke knows firsthand about the challenges of cancer treatment, and she is meticulous about what she provides for others going through the trauma of chemo and radiation. I haven’t talked to anyone but Brooke who has tried these, but I trust her judgment. If someone you care about is going through chemo or radiation, you might give the Queasy Pop site, Three Lollies, a visit.

The Web site describes the lollipops as developed by healthcare professionals to provide relief from the queasy stomach associated with motion sickness and chemotherapy. The site says Queasy Pops also alleviate dry mouth, provide quick calories for an energy boost and are soothing and comforting. Three Lollies also offers Preggie Pops. Both come in several flavors.


  1. Queasy pops, who knew? I hope I never need them, but it's good to know they exist.

    I read in the last post that you had visited Savannah, GA. I live about 60 miles from there. When I speak of the city in my posts, it's Savannah that I am refering to. Small world, huh? I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, also, and remember when the murder actually happened.

    While you like fiction books, I prefer non-fiction. I'm reading a great book by blogger Lynette Kraft now. Her blog is called Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground.

    Happy reading and blogging! Kathy

  2. Small world indeed! We enjoyed our Savannah visit. I am starting a list of good reads recommended by bloggers I visit. Thanks for the tip.

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