Sunday, January 3, 2010

The grand connection

Travel with my husband Walter was among the top three priorities on my post-employment to-do list when I was considering retirement. And travel we have: a month-long trip out west that included almost two weeks in San Francisco, a favorite city; trips to the Smoky Mountains, another favorite retreat and trips to regional destinations. But we have also found ourselves involved more and more in another kind of excursion – grand trips. I am not talking about the Grand Tour of English aristocracy in days gone by. I am talking about visits to grandkids.

There should be a special word for such special visits. Maybe there is. If anyone knows one, let me know. I thought about “granny trips,” but that seemed to leave out the male grandparent, in this case Baboo. Baboo does not want to be left out. Plus, even short visits really are grand. We just got home from such a trip--a quick turnaround jaunt to Columbus, GA, to transport bunk beds from Sarah’s family to Walt and Sarah’s house for eventual use by their two youngest.

We were there less than two hours, but at least we grabbed a needed grandkid fix that included Nerf gun activity, working with a Princess pop-together beading set with Charlie and snuggling with the boys in front of the television. We closed our visit as the youngest, 19-month-old Stella, awoke from her nap. She was attired in her new favorite article of clothing, a pink tulle tutu that Charlie had received as a birthday gift. Grand trips, like all travel, are filled with the new and interesting.

It took us just over 12 hours. It was a beautiful day. I confess that I slept much of the way, but I did see two hawks. Ate fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I could really be a fast food junkie. The only thing missing was a visit with our other granddaughter, Molly Kate. Day after tomorrow we return to reality, healthy eating and keeping in touch with our two sets of grands and their parents long-distance.

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  1. I only have to walk across the yard or down the road to visit either one of our grandchildren. I love having them so close. Of course, absence does make the heart grow fonder!