Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blog dipping

Before I started this blog, I was totally clueless about the blogging community and the variety of topics people blog about. Now I love dipping into blogs I have never visited before. What keeps me exploring are those unexpected gems of wisdom, inspiration, useful information, intriguing opinions, interesting photos, humor, and fun, fun fun. In Jan. 13 and Jan. 17 posts, Photowannabe featured “The Faces of Haiti,” and “More Faces of Haiti,” photos of the people of a pre-earthquake Haiti she had taken on a trip a year ago. Her photos offered a counterpoint that intensified, if possible, the sense of the horror that people in Haiti are experiencing.

A gem in the fun category is the Daily Nail. Each day of 2010 the blog owner is posting a new photo of fingernails funky, fabulous or freaky. Recent posts featured nails as Scrabble tiles, as teeth with braces, as a psychedelic leopard print and zippers in memory of Michael Jackson. She shares why she chose to create the day’s design and provides total technical detail about the products she used.

In a world full of suffering, challenges and uncertainties, I am thankful for courageous and generous people who help. I am also glad that there are individuals who create moments of beauty or whimsy and are generous enough to share their creations.


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